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It will take a special breed of man to partake in this. Only the mentally strong will survive. One of our readers, Tom, sent in these instructions to a new game he’s devised: “GirlsInYogaPants.com roulette: Hit “Random” button on right side -> masturbate to the first picture that comes up.” (Pray you don’t get this one.)

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  • GIYP192

    no thanks. Porn works much better.

  • Fish

    Pray that I don’t get this one? What’s wrong with this picture?

  • StrokerAce

    I’ll jerk off to the pic I’m seeing here. No clicking required. ;)

  • AssMane

    My cock already comes to this site all the time… now you want him to play some games??? SHitt he hoggs the damn computer all the time!!

  • AssMane

    O yea and thats a PHAT AZZ, BUBBLE BUTT, ima need some time with her

  • Jagoff

    I don’t need a game to jerkoff, I do it enough already… I digress, this chick has a perfect fat ass, unfortunately the picture is too dark with the background… She needs to bend over and assume the pose on a bed with a white comforter, I have one at my mom’s house in the basement where I sleep…

  • ed56

    I scroll down after that fine ‘dinner’ ass to see this fat tortilla maker’s ass????? Cruel joke!

  • http://www.kdxrider.net jules

    Hmm, so I clicked random and got this one


    Definitely worthy masturbation material. Too bad I’m at work!

  • Chris

    This chick is Fucking awesome!!! Would do her in an instant!!!!

  • Jota

    There’s a link at the end of that sentence that you don’t want to click; this girl is perfectly hot.

    Anyway, I hit the roulette thing and got this.


    Yeah, that won’t be a problem.

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    Perfect for Ass Fucking!!!!!! Just bend over and insert Dick here!!!! Luv that Fat Ass!!!

  • Alec D

    this is not a bad ass. where is the random button

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