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If you haven’t met Lucy yet, get to know her.


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  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    her ass is Nuts! Keep up the good work Lucy.

  • Brad

    I’m a lifelong fan now. Fantastic.

  • theguru

    I’m bout to get “I love Lucy” tattoo ahahaha

  • matthew

    amazing,i am speachless again

  • zero

    juicy lucy

  • jt

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, and the lil’ undies to add a little flair

  • winston wolf


  • somedude

    I love you.

  • StrokerAce

    I think “Oh Lucy” is going to be my favorite phrase in about 5…4…3…

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Lucy……..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….”

    You know the drill. ;)

  • money shot

    Lucy….as usual you leave me speechless! :)

    Keep them coming……such an amazing bum.

  • Juneau

    would eat that…

    nice ass lucy…

  • MrBig

    I want to be on you

  • Steve

    I would fracture my tounge on that fantastic body!

  • Jason Talley

    I just want to bury my face in that beautiful ass, and lick it all over

  • Bocca

    lucy, i wanna make out with your asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GoCanes

    ^ So would you get grossed the f**k out if her asshole used “tongue?” Just sayin’. Think before you say something… insane.

    Picture quality on this one is… eh. I mean, based on previous postings we already know what we’re dealing with here, but now it’s devolving into a “hey I like the attention I’m getting from these guys, let’s see how far I can drag it out” sort of thing.

  • Kp

    “Sheeeeeee’s yooooo Queeeeen to Beeeeeheeeeeee!!!!”

    Name that movie.

    God damn she is fine. Gorgeous panties too.

  • Jim

    Hey Lucy, Keep them comming. Any better pictures of that thong? I would love to see some whale tale.

  • Bocca

    Coming to America…….not really sure what Gocannes is getting at, but i would stick my tongue as far up her asshole as it would go…..over and over and over….now onto more important things… MORE LUCY……MUCH MORE PLEASE….


    The next CJ ???

  • Richard Head

    I cosign with GoCanes.

  • Lwe

    Lucy,I’m home! I have something i would like to place on those abs.

  • Marc, San Francisco CA

    I’d sniff it…just sayin’.

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