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What Chris Bosh is leaving behind in Toronto. Enlarged pic after the jump


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  • Redrum

    Well he wont be missing much!

  • Rick

    I cannot speak for most of Canada, but that is a rear that I’d miss.

  • BoB

    Oh how I love my country! :D

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Naw, No thanks.

  • Richard Head

    Don’t they serve pancakes pretty much everywhere? He’ll be okay without that.

  • Victor

    honestly its pretty good..not the best but i like that you got such a good picture..props for that

  • winston wolf

    hmmmmm this or the miami heat cheerleaders. not a difficult decision at all.

  • monkey

    that is nowhere near what canada has to offer. that’s a crappy ass compared to the rest of canada.

    I’m canadian and every girl I know has a much better ass than that……..

  • Greathirteen

    shes cute, but if shes canadian you know the top of her head isn’t connected to the rest and it just flops around up there…and that is not hott

  • http://cjactually.livejournal.com/ CJ

    Give it time, give it time…probably just a late bloomer

  • NYR36

    Bad pic to represent Canada cosidering Lulu and TNA started here, and the possibilities of finding a nice ass are endless.

  • javier

    I’d hit it!

  • jephro

    another nasatol sufferer.

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