Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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  • Blymie

    hrm.. I think I’d rather ride the ‘vette. But that is a nice ass.

  • centerforce

    she looks like a bumpy ride.

  • Jtc




  • centerforce

    looks like a bumpy ride.

  • Ryan

    attention, your attention please, we have a fat ugly ass stuffed into yoga pants. Don’t be fooled.

  • maestro716

    less car more ass please

  • Vic

    Yeah .. id take the car. girl is okay i think i want to see more shots


    To hell with the hunk of tin car. I will take the girl.


    nice bumper

  • Bocca



  • fanofgiyp

    Kinda has an average body. The rear end seems nice though, and the chicks butt is okay too.

  • Sarcastic Sonofabitch

    Both are low and wide….

  • Errrrm

    Is anyone else noticing the car’s size vs. the girl?
    She is freaking tiny!

  • http://Www.camarostyle.com Jon

    Thanks guys. Lol

    That is my wife on my ride. She owns a 500hp 2010 Camaro.
    The wife is half European and half Egyptian. Stunning eyes and a wonderful person.

  • aceable

    I have a definite attraction to this girl, and I think its just the shirt that making her look a little bigger. If she puts on a tight shirt she would be a 10 for sure, anyways her ass is that pic is spectacular, I would hop on that for sure.

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