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New pics of The Cougar from the front & back

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We just got these nice new shots in our inbox from The Cougar. She wrote: “Yes! I could use a lint brush. LOL…” …any volunteers? Enjoy and let her know what your favorite one is, you know she reads the comments.







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  • Crusader3

    They are all my favorite! Every picture you take is amazing. I so want you baby!

  • Cybrsk8r

    You should spead your legs just a little bit in that first pic. If you’re not married, you should be – – – to me.

  • David Leary

    The best ass I’ve ever seen!!!!!

  • Milhouse Vanhouten

    I like the black one though. Nonetheless, I would love to tickle her, rub my hand under her legs, pull down the pants and see what kind of panty and feminine hygiene she has on.

  • first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    And I’m back with a vengeance.

    Thanks to my lovely cougar making a comeback as well.

    Perfection. Beauty. Lust. Bounciness. Sit on my face please cougar… I wanna smell what you had for breakfast.

    All that’s needed is a doggystyle pic with the camera dude behind yiu so we can see your cameltoe from behind.

    That cameltoe pic above is just madness. So hot.

    Thanks cougar! Keep up the good work.

    And hi to my disciples. I havent forgotten about you

    • CaptainCrankyDeux


      • first

        You clearly don’t know who I am.

        Disciples… attack!

        • CaptainCrankyDeux

          Furthermore I don’t give a flying fuck who you think you are.

          • first

            Watch and learn princess

  • bassbone

    *sigh* — the cyan, the curve… Better than the best sculpture I saw at La Louvre in France, the V&A in England or the Met in NYC. Absolutely defining…

  • Master Amsu

    Thanks for the object of my desire Cougar, I would spend countless hours with my face busy in your crotch! such a very fine bottomed woman you are!

  • hellbert

    Her ass i beyond hot! So is her front. Red pants are my personal favs.

  • Hugh Mongous


  • s.w.t.09

    Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such perfection!
    I vote all as my favorite! Hit me up cougar ;)

  • ethan

    Baby I would lint roll your whole damn body….be my mommy ;)

  • Verified Columnist

    the cougar is more overrated than selter

    • Evensteven

      How dare you.

    • Master Amsu

      How dare you there is not rating developed for a woman such as her, she is our queen ….. setler is a has been

    • Andy

      Nice joke!

  • Cougar lover

    I would lint roll you with my tongue

  • Evensteven

    I love you cougar. Yes I volunteer!!!!

  • Dinga

    Love the Cougar. Gorgeous curves. Wish she lived nearby.

  • yldrm

    Cougar is one girl ? or many girl ?

  • Rod Pullen

    I would put one finger in her delicious snatch and one in her scrumptious tuchas and then savor each smell, in an every other fashion, for at least three days in a row.

  • john silva

    she seems to wear those blue ones a lot. I am a huge fan please let us see your face

  • Raperman

    She partially showed her face, last year, she has short brown hair. Her hair used to be blonde. She had a pic of her a few years back of her, with blonde hair, she was on all fours, showing her ass. Long time followers of this site, would of saw it.

    • first


      • CaptainCrankyDeux

        Now the asswipe is a grammar nazi. Really fucking lame.

        • first

          Why you editing yourself princess? Scared? I thought so…

          • CaptainCrankyDeux

            Scared of a keyboard cowboy on an anonymous comment forum. Now that’s priceless.

            The fact remains correcting english and spelling is lame.

          • first

            Don’t be shy princess. Daddy likes shy ;)

  • Master Amsu

    I would welcome her farting in my face the red pants are hot!

  • Just Jackin

    Has she ever shown her face and has she ever been nude

  • Evensteven

    I would like to volunteer cougar!!!!!

  • dannydarko

    Just another slice of deliciousness from the Coug who has it all

  • nite

    Columnist u suck,,,

  • Spandex Licker

    I like the frontal the best. I prefer an ass shot to be of a girl standing straight up, but a great ass is always a wonderful sight.

  • Dick McStuffins

    I would like to know what brand of yoga pants she’s wearing. My wife has similar assets and I would like to see them displayed as such.

  • bigHED72

    ‘Cougar’ of course I would volunteer to remove the lent from your ‘yoga pants’/ inner thighs, but I must warn you I have BIG hands. I guarantee/promise that I would be gentle in the removal of ‘said’ lent.

  • Ricky Martin

    Dear Cougar, thank you for your loyalty to the site. As giyp fan, I appreciate a woman that doesn’t mind being ogled in her yoga pants

  • Bob Loblaw

    God bless the Cougar. And all the yoga teachers too.

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