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You should probably like Girls In Yoga Pants on Facebook. Otherwise all these girls wearing yoga pants may think you hate them.


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  • George Costanza

    FUCK! I want to cream on her ass so baddd!!!!!! and Im a white supremist but fuck that when you got an ass like this in front of you O_0

  • http://twitter ryan

    If thats a fat ass to somebody there a dumb ass!That is what perfection looks like.

  • Mike

    ^^^^ Ha ha ha,he made it to Awkward messages already.

  • http://GirlsInYogaPants.com Bulldog

    @George…no such ‘animal’ as a ‘white supremist’!!! DARK skin is NATURAL…WHITE skin is a MUTATION!!! Check your HISTORY about how you GOT HERE!!! However…nice ass though!!!

  • Netjnke

    I seen this over on Awkward Messages. But they had the best part covered over there.


  • bobby

    terrific fucking ass.

  • bigdaddy

    love! the seethrough

  • StrokerAce

    She wouldn’t be nappin’ ‘cuz I’d be a-tappin’! ;)

  • D?????

    aaauuugghhhh! i jus cam so hard

  • onion booty

    i’d hit that…lol.

  • DannyDarko

    Looks kinda like Aliyah, if she had been a little thicker R.I.P A.

  • Chris

    Rule: If a woman’s underwear is a larger size than yours, it is a fat ass.

  • Diesel


  • http://www.349finejewelry.com D

    woot woot, that ass is too fat. woot woot, that ass is too fat. No…. Seriously, that ass is too fat.


    Who let Jaba the Hut on that nice leather couch? Fail.

  • Kid Salami

    I’m with George,Id just be happy to splooge one all over that ass
    while she was sleeping

  • boss

    I would just start erratically grabbing handfuls. mmm. Work it in like I was working some dough.

  • innit

    “DARK skin is NATURAL…WHITE skin is a MUTATION!!!” What the fuck kind of Al Sharpton brand cool aid are you drinking BOY??? Seek help and stop trying to rewrite history fool.

  • innit

    Oh, and if you’re so “Natural” then why is there such a huge demand for hair relaxers and wigs for the dark ones??? Ashamed of the nappy look are you?

  • blueollie

    I doubt that she’d be able to nap around me…not dressed in those. :)

  • Glock

    Another perfect shape.. love it :)

  • TaxMan

    Really Innit?? I guess all you people getting lip injections and those deep tans proves you love to be white. Gimme a break. Check out the D-bagging section of this website if you think I’m wrong!!!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    damn thats sexy

  • AssMane


  • Richard Head

    I can see myself in her ass… literally.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Sir Juciest Gluteus


  • George Costanza

    I have to comment again because this ass makes me HARD and I want to cum on her soooooo bad :(

  • vince

    put sweatpants on that nasty looking thing

  • loki

    with an ass like that, that thing should be pulling a beer wagon. fat sow!!!! must be from the watusi or hot-n-tot tribe!!!

  • Splinter76

    Holy crap that is an amazing ass and I LOVE those pants!!

  • D?????

    Cant stop faping to this pick

  • reality bites

    I feel fairly certain that most of you men and boys look similar to trolls, given the fact you are egotistical enough to think she would allow any of you near her.

  • T|-|E ASS |\/|AN

    Wish I could say otherwise, but that ass is Photoshopped

  • -___-

    Ass so fat I need a lap dance

  • Scott

    Wow how do I get a hold of you

  • Legoz

    Just need to make a lil holr in em and Pump away!!!

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