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Remember this girl from Tuesday? Site reader Casey92 found the link to a Twitter of a girl claiming to be her: Kathy Ferreiro (@KathyFerreiro) of Miami. After a major incident earlier this week involving a Photoshopped picture, most of the comments on this girl’s initial pic were questioning wether her booty was authentic or not. Keep going for two more pictures of this girl in yoga pants and decide for yourself whether it’s the real deal, or something fishy is going on with her figure…

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  • Antonio

    My goodness … this is a fantasy for my penis!

  • Antonio

    OH MY GOODNESS … This is a fantasy for my penis!!!

  • Ass Splash

    How much you think all that cost her?

  • RJ Ballicker

    this is disgusting.

  • wiener_drizzle

    Anyone remember the prostitute that was doin fix a flat ass injections? It was a dude, what if this was? Good way to hide an Adams apple in that pose no other chick has done ever.

  • steve

    tbh this is pretty gross. it’s probably all cellulose

  • Richard Head

    Now that’s a whooty!

  • 3rd.Input

    This is a man. I was oiling up my head with her in my bed warming herself up and then I went in to partial unbirth myself when I spotted a healthy penis. Steer clear boys!

    ( . Y . )

  • buttman

    fat as fuck no thanks

  • leisuresuitlarry

    It’s all real….she’s is from Miami and just turned 21. There’s girls like this everywhere down here.

  • George Costanza

    How much cash do you think she wants for me to clog her pipes with my dick?>

  • paul

    now that i have seen more pictures of her i still would not mind banging the crap out of her. she is still hot

  • A55

    GOD DAMN, that body defies logic.

  • cprebble

    If Kim Kardashian or J-Lo can have a booty like this, I don’t see why it couldn’t be real. I’d bounce more than a quarter off that.

  • JET

    I want to marry her

  • asslicker

    yea her site is full of smoking pics try to my tongue as deep in her ass as possible

  • JET

    She has fake boobs and fake ass. but it looks nice

  • JET

    Found some dirt on this girl. Apparently she sleeps with old dudes who have money.


  • JET
  • dfrt

    PHOTOSHOP assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • StrokerAce

    If this is Photoshop, then someone is doctoring ALL of her photos in the exact same way. That’s attention to detail! ;)

  • stevetasker

    vomit… fucking gross

  • Ass Lover

    Top one looks like a bad photoshop. There’s a vertical line up the middle of the cheek.

  • jason

    i can’t stand those legs/hips.

  • buttlover

    There’s no way her butt is real, but I’d still hit it =o/

  • http://christopherfitzgeraldtv.wordpress.com Christopher

    She’s got a nice butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Riley

    I would fuck that so hard

  • David
  • http://itsneezy.tumblr.com Neezy

    It’s not Photoshop, it’s great surgery. There’s a hell of a difference in the two. It’s also pretty obvious, if you have good common sense.

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