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  • eddie

    difficult to say, but I think very nice

  • Baguito

    nice nice ;)

  • Steve

    Pic grainy, but bod good!

  • JimmyFlimFlamMan

    She’s got great boobs…

  • Jtc

    Moar lighting plox

  • Marco

    Shite pic quality, but that’s undeniably nice in the asset dept.

  • StrokerAce


  • Justahandyman

    Nice package! Pic needs some work as it’s very grainy.(Might be an phone camera with low mp)

  • Chris

    Real nice. Sexy.

  • pablo_honey

    Why can’t these girls have somebody take the pic rather than giving us the self-portrait PsOS!? I think she is hot but who knows with the poor quality.

  • rob

    Pic looks altered

  • Jeephreak

    She’s built for speed. She’s not lacking in any department.

  • Johnny

    We need more pix of this one.

  • yes yes yes

    Nice rack…

  • janey

    more please!

  • Moiam

    a bombbbb !!!!!!!!!

  • Ward Cleaver

    more please

  • shat


  • El

    I like this. Enough shot to let me know I’m not lookin at male booty meat and the body is tight. Not too small or too big. Who cares about her face. She has her identity to protect. If anyone sends in a full shot, its a bonus.

  • Yoga Guy

    I like her! Nicely put together!

  • 2tonkas

    RE More please: Dittos. Dittogasms. Multiple dittogasms.

  • Jayman

    om nom nom

  • fanofgiyp

    I think she has a nice butt. It’s kinda hard to tell. When are these ladies going to learn that if you’re going to have a dark shot against a dark back ground, black yoga pants don’t make for a great pic!

  • Dwane

    nice rack and ass….overall sweet

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    2 thumbs up but need better picture look :)

  • Jprsmac

    I think the lumps in front are as nice, if not nicer than the ones in back! NICE!

  • salsaj

    wow. please send more. this bod’ is fucking amazing, awesome and beyond attractive lol send more. lighting sucks ass and boobs look great. lets get a face in this pic too lol redo

  • Scott

    This chick has great tits

  • youadot

    from this pic her thighs look like they are way bigger than her butt

  • Jon


  • http://www.theefab.com social network stockton

    good lookin body mmmmmmmmmm

  • aceable


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