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If we were Dear Abbey, that would be this girls nickname – but there’s no angst in this relationship, as her boyfriend loves to watch and luckily for us, loves to share. They sent in four shots and offered more! So let us and them know what you think, after checking out the enlarged shots of course..

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  • DubOhSvn


  • Trix

    hmm let me think about that…..HELL YES. SEND IN MORE! OM NOM NOM NOM

  • Callmepappy

    Where’s the other shots?!?!??

  • Bob Loblaw


  • swank

    id suck the last guys dick that fucked that ass just to get a fuckin taste

  • El

    Those lips are smiling

  • Scott H

    That is such a fat ass, post up more. Why would you even hold out on the rest?

  • mikie

    happy camel-toe!


    Love the outfit, sexy pics. You should send more.

  • George Costanza

    I want to play with your girlfriend and STrokerAce can play with the boyfriend!

  • mike

    Hmmm let me think nope don’t need to think about it HELL YEAH you do sweetie that is one sexy bum defiantly send some more pictures of your wonderful ass

  • calimike

    Those are the boyfriends we love…..The ones that let us look :)

  • LoveDatAss

    Dude, absolutely amazing. Sit on my face, all I’m saying. Anndddd, it said four pictures, yet I only see two. So let down ;_;

  • Kid Salami

    OOOHHHH BOOOYYY….Just found my new favorite stroke to pic :)

  • Tropez

    Epic ass, bravo. Eat that motherfucking salad for dinner.

  • George Costanza

    Hey you the boyfriend! if this ass is your girlfriend then please tell us virgins what that ass smells like ok? PLEASE

  • BruinsFan78

    DAM!!!! Now thats some GOOD EATING THERE!!!!!! Love to french Kiss Them Lips!!!! > : p

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    *throws money at screen*

  • mike from astoria

    ive been looking at comments for a while now , anyone that mentions photoshop has a dick too small to handle that so called “photoshopped ass”dont be mad. we see so called photoshoped asses everyday 150 times a day in nyc. you ittle dick haters shouldnt be on a site like this’

  • Lobster

    holy hell! I would dip that in milk and eat it

  • joe

    more more and more

  • Bigloser99

    I think I see a moose knuckle

  • AnalGod

    I wanna chomp on dat Ohn-yon!

  • battousai1

    Please please send more in honey..I wish my wife had a booty like that! I’d sleep on it all night and treasure it more than anything! Don’t hold back beautiful thighs!

  • StrokerAce

    I love this gal’s attitude. She clearly likes being ass-pounded and I’m the guy to do it! ;)

  • Brad

    look at those two big beautiful ass cheeks. A magnificant sight

  • dr assman

    those arent even yoga pants

  • Mitch


    My penis is erect

  • George Costanza

    @swank you aint the only one! StrokerAce would also suck the last dick that dipped in her ass to taste the holy grit and smell of that phat ass!

  • jon

    Yes, would really like if they kept sending in pictures.

  • DarkRhino

    Nice juicy ass and a pair of lips to kiss; also to that guy that wanted to suck some guys dick, MAJOR PAUSE! ! !

  • George Costanza

    I want some smelly bubble butt on my face right now! any ladies here want to shove their ass on my face?

  • El Guapo

    Ugh… she’s a nasty fuckin nigger bitch

  • LunchBokz

    Now that’s a LUNCHBOX!

  • lorco

    whatta lucky guy, and whatta nice girl!

  • jack

    Like the sheer leggings! Pass on the A$$!!!

  • loki

    wore out tramp

  • Ben Dover

    I wanna lick those piss flaps. YUMMY

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