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@esssencee went shopping at Victoria’s Secret and snapped this picture of her and a friend in the dressing room for GirlsInYogaPants.com!

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  • Papa Bear

    Is give their brown eyes Eskimo kisses.

  • bootywatcher33

    i hope these girls are of age…because daaaamn

  • Papa Bear

    I would love to give them both Eskimo kisses… On their brown eye.

  • Ben Dover

    oH too.. I SAY i HAVE tO Give For,,;; The Bensons!!;1 :D

  • George Costanza


  • jack


  • nope


  • StrokerAce

    I wish it weren’t just the Pink brand, but a pink color. It would be easier to see those butts. ;)

  • moto286

    Awesome want more. Give us more.

  • moto286

    Better angle next time please. Need some vpl

  • Tony Twist

    She is awesome!! I think this forum has a PR representative. She has by far the best posts. Would love to see more

  • Deuc3

    we wanna see more! these asses are fantastic!

  • Chris

    FantASStic!! Wow, lovin the one in pink.

  • cazr23

    All fuk the pink black pants she got good ass baby

  • drew

    THANK YOU! Finally more good content!

  • http://www.girlsinyogapants.com Clint

    Boring. Next round of turd cutters please! :-)

  • Skillz909

    wish i was in that fitting room

  • TNA

    1. these girl’s are probably in HS and not legal.
    2. who the fuck wear’s yoga pants with granny pantise?
    3. these asses are barely existent. if you saw them in jeans and when they weren’t sticking them out, none of you would like twice.


  • I Can

    I promise they are both legal and the black/white yoga pants has a nice ass without the pants

  • Creep

    These girls are jailbait I bet. Go to bed kids.

  • Ron Mexico

    Cheap bitches need to actually buy the yoga pants, not just try them on in a VS dressing room.

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