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Despite that gnarly douche, this booty seems to have potential. Calling for a resubmit, if you know this girl get her people to call my people.


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  • Stooshbag

    women shouldn’t be playing beer pong

  • janey

    honestly, meh
    had the dude’s ugly mug not been in the pic, it could be nice

  • Marco

    And beer pong? REALLY? Fail.

  • Jon

    @janey…YOU ROCK!! I LOVE THE COMMENTS YOU LEAVE!!! I wish all chicks were as cool as you!!

  • todd

    Janey has nice cleavage, Ill give her points for that!

  • D-Tank

    i’m a cool girl…I promise.

  • http://facebook.com chavo


  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Looks like her ass has a nice bounce to it.

  • Jon


  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Na lose the dude!!!

  • Robert

    Nice ASS!!!

  • http://facebook DeShean Weber

    Nice booty! Photoshop his ass!

  • Chris

    Bold, but brave dude. Great ass!

  • youadot

    Not a good enough pic

  • Yowza

    her = nice him = dipshit

  • Rear Guard

    That’s as close as he’ll ever get to that fine ass.

  • James

    Run. of. the. mill. Please be more discerning with the posts. Every college campus has 1234490 asses as good as that! FAIL.

  • StrokerAce

    Remove the douchebag so we can more fully appreciate the cute young college chick and her nice ass!

  • Baguito

    Next time, crop the bouchebag out of the picture…

  • JiZz

    you couldn’t have taken 2 seconds to photoshop that tool out of the pic?

  • cc

    i don’t think she needs to resubmit, it’s not worth a second look

  • Robin

    wooo…you dum what you laughting at just smack that ass….

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