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Check out the high res shot after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments..

Submitted by Scott H

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  • SoMo

    First. :) I’d have to say right. Slight thong line :)

  • Momo

    I’d pound both all night long.

  • steve tasker

    i’ll take them both

    best photo on here in a while

  • chrismedschool

    bang em both!!

  • George Costanza

    I just finished masterbating to porn.. wow I feel relieved to release my sperm at 2 miles an hour!


    That’s a tough choice, but I’m going with right.

  • http://whyarewewalkinglikethis.com Chris

    i dont give one fuck..=)

  • henri

    left all day

  • StrokerAce


    Yes. :D


    Why choose just go in between :)

  • Jay

    Gotta say right… But lets get serious, I wouldnt say no to left!

  • Bobbo


  • KH

    Left all the way! Right could sit on my face! :P

  • paul

    this would be a wonderful threesome here. both are great looking. more pushing for the cushion

  • loki

    no animals, stick to the right

  • The Last Universalist

    I’ll take the one who’s grabbing the other girl’s ass.

  • M.S. in Bootyology

    Damn that looks like action.

  • CG


  • Sixman

    I’ve two hands, and a mouth and a cock…. Why choose only one? Put two more girls in the picture and I’ll be fine. Now 5 girls and decisions must be made! :D

  • Kevin


  • Kevin


  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    My cock goes to the left cuz I jerk off with my right hand like 4 times a day

  • 5dollarfootlong

    nvm just choosin one ill take em both

  • Mandingo

    The one on the left is Isis Taylor… One of my fav porn stars.. Right or left doesn’t matter ur guaranteed a good time with these ladies.

  • Anonymous

    how bout i just slide up inbetween

  • DannyDarko

    If I had to choose one it would be the first girl,absolutely delicious.I would love to fuck them both, just saying;)!

  • Carlow

    I’d bang the one on the left and have the other make me a sandwich.

  • Kid Salami

    Slight edge to the right,but only cause of the angle.Both way too fricking hot :)

  • Onree

    2 of the best best porn stars, Isis Taylor on the left and Molly Cavalli right! Killer asses!

  • George Costanza

    @ass sniffer my cock is also bent to the left!

  • PaulC

    I’d pound both then tell them who I enjoyed being inside of the most.

  • Johhnysconedawg

    Girl on the left if Isis Taylor…

  • mordred

    left…….i dont like blondes even if she met the expectations i still wouldn’t because she seems abit…..ugly

  • chico

    I’d fuck’em both. One on my cock while theother sits on my face.

  • Anonymous

    hmmmmmm right better face lolz

  • Nobody

    Masterbated to this and cummed alot.

  • Anonymous


  • cazr

    I wanna creampie the 2 babys evry day yeah…

  • luvs da booty

    I’ll pick right cuz by the looks of things she will make left join in.

  • jack

    Not bad

  • http://www.vimaxtrial.com/in.php?id=504555&trackId=General&storeId=500050 504555

    those two ladies look great

  • carnage

    honestly, i’d rather have one of those big ass boats in the background. chicks dig boats!

  • jonthony

    the one in the right is fucking hot to bang with that thong

  • lolipop

    both are fat, and way to old for me. none at all.



  • Horny Badger

    I can’t make up my mind. I want to test them both first. And then test them again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again…

  • robert allen

    Both!!! They just look too damn good!!!

  • Jusnotrite

    This is one that I really can’t decide on….but the pin up look on Molly Cavalli…hot damn…

  • Anonymous

    the one on the right – no contest.
    The one on the left looks like a tranny kind of? :/

  • sexmakemehappy

    almost cumming!!

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