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You may remember Volume One hitting theaters at the end of October, thankfully we’re not as slow as those Hollywood fat cats and have the sequel ready to go. Make the jump to turn her around and let this generous couple know what you think in the comments section!

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  • Bear

    Oh YEAH!!!!!!!!! Front and Back!

  • Chris

    oh my

  • Patrick

    That’s some quality CT right there.

  • michael

    Finger licken good!!!

  • hominahomina

    Um. Gulp. That’s the whole package right there. Outstanding bottom, awesome thighs, and a spectacular camel-toe.
    Thank You.

  • Rich

    Dear Yoga Pants/Cameltoe God,

    We bless you for this bounty that you have bestowed upon us.


  • Bob

    I approve.

  • john

    well hello there…

  • Zack

    Good morning sunshine

  • Mike

    OH MY!!! That just made my day. Thank you very much. I wish more people would send in the front and back shots!

  • James

    yeah, we’re fans. please keep sharing this sexy ass woman!

  • Bocca

    great ass, great bod……

  • Durdy Burdy

    Hey there, pussy cat.

  • StrokerAce

    I hope the lucky guy doesn’t mind that we enjoy pumping her vicariously through him. :D

  • booty worshipper

    yello yello there…
    this is spectacular stuff.
    Wherever you are, you wonderful couple, here’s hoping that the Gods of Orgasm and the Goddess of Great Sex bless you and visit your home several times each day for the next 50 years.
    What a beautiful woman! What a lovely cameltoe, what a delicious ass.
    This submission just made my day.

  • RB

    Definitely got my fire going!

    Ladies, use this submission as an example!!

  • Gunny P


  • Roco

    Camel toe looks like Pac_Man tipped on his side. Great looking package.

  • like it tight

    Like 2 yummy banana popsicles that I want to slide my banana into and make a banana split

  • Johnny

    She’s got the right stuff!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rockyoworld MR NIPPLESWORTH

    i.. i wanna make friends with that

  • h8erman

    awesome pics!!!

    On a side note… is it just me or does Johnny look like the serial rapist type? :S

  • Rhino

    Not even my girl will do the CT! KUDOS!

  • BDI’s

    My good holy God! Amazing! Curves, ‘Toe, Ass, the whole she-bang. The world is a better place today because of this. Thank you!

  • Marco

    Yea girl…yea!!! Someone give this girl her $50 gift certificate – STAT!!! I mean, she straight up gave us the ‘toe shot….I gotta give mad props for that.

  • Ben Grim

    And they called it Mellow Yellow … quite right dear

  • Richard Head


  • drummer

    instant chubby!

  • Robert

    God yes. More colored yoga pants..

  • mark johnson

    Yes very nice! I still was enjoying the last photo<this though takes the cake. I think I'm in love…G/D you're hot!! :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Althman?feature=mhum Althman

    Front and back is a dream come true. I love it!

  • Dracul

    OMG! I’d hit that… repeatedly.

    @h8terman, Johnny does sort of look like a serial rapist but I think there’s a bit of charm there too ;)

  • charlie

    I love those curves down there on the 2 pic.. that’s good angles front and back.

  • Dr VonNostrand

    Front and back shots. The new standard.

    John probably has a van, with a puppy and candy, for all the kids.

  • fanofgiyp

    I hope the guy that’s sending these in realizes what he’s got. He is on lucky dude! Awesome package all the way around. I especially like the toe. Makes me wanna dip my ink pen into that well.

  • Matty

    HOLY $HIT!!! WOW!!!! Lucky man to have this amazing woman. Damn.

  • BDI’s

    Considering the comments here, and on the last one, I do think this is instant Hall of Fame material.

    (Even Larry the Cable Guy says: “I don’t care WHO ya are, that’s quality right thar! Tha’s right… Lord, I ‘pologize, for thinkin’ ’bout doin’ nasty thangs with the nice lady in yellow, and be with the starvin’ pygmies down in New Guinea, Amen.”)

  • PhillyFlash 73

    (Clears Throat)

  • Pigpen

    Nice pile of deli. Great ass, too.

  • Adam

    Awesome, just awesome. Thank you!

    @h8terman, yep. Johnny, you are creeping us out man. Change your pic!

    @Dr VonNostrand, LOL!

  • Shawn


  • Rocketman

    Thank You Jesus, there is a God, A woman that takes pics like this and posts them here, she should be put on your payrolls, as long as she keep submitting pics like this…I am in lust with her body, especially that ass, no, her camel toe, no her ass, no…

  • http://celebmessenger.blogspot.com/ Jame Beilstein

    I don’t see why you shouldn’t? It’s your life afterall…

  • http://rockinghorseguy.com Lester

    FOCUS!!!!! Then resubmit. You look great.

  • mark johnson

    This is STILL my all time favorite on this site to this day!! I love this woman :)

  • Colonel Sanders

    I’m Colonel Sanders & I approve this picture.
    It’s finger lickin good !!!

  • JimInNorthwest

    *Clears throat*, then in my best Ron Simmons voice………..”DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • aceable


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