Random Girl in Yoga Pants

Kendall Jenner ziplining in yoga pants

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I’ll have to agree with her friend who yelled out “Your ass looks good” at the last second. I believe she probably has the best ass in her family.

See why her sister Kim Kardashian is banned for life from this website ›

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  • doctor stinkstah

    Creep shots are the best. That’s one juicy ax wound that needs a monster dong to set her straight.

  • Verified Columnist

    ferry haut

  • CaptainCrankyDeux

    Fuck the Jenner/Kardashian sluts

    • David Garrett

      A lot of guys already have. I’d be scared shitless to catch something from ANY of them. lol

  • Sakilus

    That girl who spoke gets it.

  • nikthegreek15

    why they dont upload pictures as before 3 or 4 days now takes long time

  • Mongo

    Tainted humongoloid genes.

  • Realism

    Is this atleast real?

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