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Here’s @aarynnjans on Twitter who had a bet that she could get on our website. Follow her and us on Twitter to join in on the fun.


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  • ass

    I would absolutely destroy her

  • assbandito

    God fuckin dam that’s a phat ass

  • http://fuckoff.com thisguy

    dear god. the things i would do to that ass, unforgivable things.

  • Anonymous

    Sooo hot want to touch the hiney

  • Jagoff

    I’ll do it, right in the pooper…

  • you better believe it

    you have an absolutely breath taking hiney.

  • Elbie Eff

    to know thats out there and ill never have
    i wanna die

  • Dee

    Man I would bounce quarters off that ass. Ms Phat Booty, jesus christ god blessed her with a gorgeous smokin arse! And yeah fellas I would be all up in that too, dirty porn style too.

  • Jai

    I’d do really reeaallyy REEAAALLLLLLYYYY dirty things to that

  • Carlow

    I’d do it!

  • Cumsuckr

    I fuck her in the turd cutter

  • M.S. in Bootyology

    Wow. Now that’s a fukin booty. Whoever is hittin that is a lucky mofo.

  • JD

    Just did it

  • AssQuake

    I just cried a little :’)

  • Erik

    how many times can I do it?

  • Jason

    wish i was just doing it

  • Zman

    Good god…… I’m going to punch my wife rite in the tit….that’s perfect!

  • luv_me_some_phat_ass

    Goooooodddddaaaaammmmnnnnn!!!! True definition of a PAWG. More pics…more angles……..just do it!

  • Anonymous

    i would smash and plow that into next week if i have too

  • Anonymous

    I’d tap that

  • Bobbo

    Yeah, like that ass needs instructions attached!!!!

  • buttman

    she can take a dump on my chest any day

  • Yes

    I love this site
    That ass is amazing

  • The BootyWatcher


  • StrokerAce

    “Just do it” right above an ass like that? Is she kidding? Does she really think we need to be told? Holy hell, I wanna piledrive my cock into that sweet ass!

  • ScooterDoo

    Thats niiiiicceee

  • Carnage

    now THAT is a great ass!!

  • cazr

    I will due it any day or evry nite long and i will cum you inside to baby

  • Mynamesjoe

    Can i take u out to dinner?

  • George Costanza

    Baby, I will pay you $200 for 1 hour. I would jizz in your asshole and phuck your pussy and I would eat your pussy 69 all the way.

  • mordred

    i would lurv to see her bent over my lap and being spanked

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Yes Lawd!

  • henri

    dem are some legit cakes

  • jack

    Very NICE!!!

  • jack

    Very NICE!!!

  • Duke

    You’re just taunting rapists with a setup like that.

  • lolipop

    just do it. hell yeah, shud buy thous to my gf

  • george costanza

    Disgusting fat ass… Lose some weight! It ass should mot be that fat.

  • ak assasin

    Ohhh lawd that’s a nice ass…… gold turds probably fall outta that.

  • LOL

    Not bad for a nurse to be I’m assuming rt? And she is very beautiful as well…

  • Straf

    I would follow that ass just about anywhere. Very good call posting it.

  • Sandusky

    I like little Boys and Girls

  • MrStern

    If I were to just do it, I’d get arrested. ;)

  • http://yahoo jose

    id fuck her in the dinig table

  • jigsaw

    not bad, truly the bubble of butts

    but bad pic tho :(

  • Bigbootyholic

    I’d tear her in half holy fuck

  • http://witkh.tumblr.com Witkh13

    Aryn made a bet with me that we’d make sweet lv together… she was right.

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