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  • Bart Cooper

    What a Big ASS, Not the Best looking one

  • Bart Cooper

    And nice roll in her back eh

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    And nice roll in her back eh

    Bart Cooper on April 19th, 2012

    lol, what he said.

  • anusguy

    Sit on my face and fart while i blow my load

  • Nutsy Rail

    Roll her in flour and aim for the wet spot.

  • Sal

    I’d like to hang her upside down in my basement and beat on her like rocky balboa did on the side of beef

  • George Costanza

    I wish that was a dude.

  • georgia

    Are Yall kidding me? That’s is just how a healthy woman looks. Not some unproportionate skinny bitch who couldn’t even carry your kid!

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    Who do I have to suck dry for the pics I submit to be posted???

    I would rather eat Martha Stewart’s asshole then bang this fat ass

  • StrokerAce

    I want to see more before I decide. There’s gotta be a reason we’re seeing only the ass and nothing up front.

  • anusguy

    seriously drop that monster down on my face and fart away princess. i would smell and sniff that booty all day!

  • Chef Freak

    you guys are crazy, I’d hit that all night. there’s nothing wrong with healthy. and the “roll” on her back, doesn’t matter how skinny you are when you twist your body it wrinkles up. get some self esteem kids.

  • bootywatcher

    jesus…i would destroy that ass, fcking unreal.
    gotta love that fat booty

  • TP

    This is a ghetto booty, most white boys like ‘em stick figure skinny. More of this for me! :D

  • Roger Long

    woah she got it!!!!!!!!!

  • Tok

    Fucking annihilate that ASS!!!

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    What would my boy Constanza do to that poop shoot?

  • George Costanza

    Well move aside guys! Let a REAL man with 2 chest hairs grow 3 more once I devour that ass for 5 minutes and inject a monster load in her ass she will be dripping semen for 2 weeks :)

  • Big slong

    I like that! That’s a real woman! Not the skinny sick broads that you all are not getting

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    Nice George!! I would floss with dingle berries then take a fat shit on her stomach and smother it in

    Then I would call like 10 of my nerd friends for a bukaki party on her chin

  • Jbiden

    There has to be more to being black than lusting over fat asses

  • Aj

    Kim Kardashian?

  • The Last Universalist

    Very nice looking woman. I’d love to explore every inch of her with my tongue.

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    Their as to more to being white than skinny Bitches, that look like they just got out of rehab!!! I Luv the Ass I want to stick my touge in it and then shove my Cock up that and Skeet all in it!!!!! Send more pictures and angles!! great looking ass

  • blackls

    Has to be shopped. No one could have an elephant ass like that and want a picture of it, let alone post it.
    I wouldn t fuck that with all your dicks.

  • Netjnke

    I agree … Shopped

  • Netjnke

    Look how her arm breaks and that line follows the curtain

  • ScooterDoo

    She be a fatgirl, thats why sh’e arching back so hard and hiding halfway behind the mirror. Yeah, I know the tricks of your trade fatgirl, and I wont fall for ‘em!

  • TJ

    -anusguy- loving scat is a sure sign of faggotry.

  • CG

    I would hit tap that!




    I’m a white boy and I love me some meaty ass. I hate a rail thin woman with a prepubescent boy body. Why do all black dudes say white guys like girls without asses? Asses n tits, it’s the whole package. The face is the most important when pickin them, the ass when stickin them.

  • Louis De Sade

    Nothing wrong with that ass, it is tight and looks fab I’d love to lick her out while playing with that ass

  • Davel


  • john

    Take those pants off and I give you cellulite city!!! Yuck

  • robert allen

    Very nice, Tastefully done!!!

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