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GirlsInYogaPants.com visitor Jimbo sent in this pic, with the following message: “I’m 47,she’s 22,,I’m a lucky guy!!” Shout out to Jimbo for keeping it real in the field.

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  • Mike

    Damn my gf is 22 but I’m 25. I wish I can be as lucky as you when I get older!

  • The Last Universalist

    Very nice

    Send more pice please Jimbo

  • StrokerAce

    Kudos to Jimbo for hittin’ that young stuff. ;)

  • buttlover

    Man Jimbo, I hope you take advantage of this every single day. Can you just tell us in words how amazing that ass smells through those yoga pants (especially after a workout)???

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Props to you Jimbo. 25 year difference, now that’s what I’m talking about.

    Getting a tight young girl instead of settling for your old fat saggy wrinkly ass just like one of my disciples Faggy Bob.

    He holds anger issues due to a fat old saggy wrinkly wife and a tiny dick. Its understandable but sill welcomed in my cult.

    I bet with a young and tight girlfriend, you don’t suffer from anger issues.

    Well done brotha. We do need more angles and pics though.

    As your unofficial GIYP Quality Control Director I say to my children to follow Jimbo’s steps and get yourself ayoung girl if you are old… and not settle for a fat saggy wife like Faggy Bob.

    Don’t worry, I owned Faggy Bob before and made him my little bitch so its all good. He’s got his tail between his legs now as he knows I’m in charge now.

    Anyway, this one gets my sweet tiny young mushroom stamp of :


    And props to Jimbo!

  • Jimbo

    Thanks guys! Hers’s the deal, know her for a couple years now,she chased me so I took the bait. I’m the envy of all my married, miserable friends with their fat, lazy wives and boring lives!!! she keeps me young with her kinky ways!!. Now realize I’m not your typical 47 year old ‘old man’,,never been married, no fuckin’ kids, I play drums in a rock n roll band, hit the gym 5 days a week and skateboard as much as I can!!! keep it young, keep it real! Remember growing old is mandatory BUT growing up is optional!! DON’T get married (it will end and say goodbye to your $$$) and DON’T have kids (again say goodbye to any extra $$$)I’ll post more in awhile,,she actually posed for this pic, for this site. ohhhh and it tastes like honey and smells like….well you can imagine..Peace…jimbo

  • Afrim

    Go for yours jimbo

  • Morning Ass Scent

    What the fuck?

    This ass is flat, flabby, and fucking disgusting. You hit the gym 5 days a week? Bring this fucking puta whore with you motherfucker.

    This site deserves better.

    Fuck you.

  • tommyboy

    Nice chasing that young tale when your older always worth it lookin good in the pants

  • http://www.first.com first

    Good shit Jimbo. I definitely wanna get some young pink pussy when I’m your age too and not settle for a fat saggy wrinkly disgusting wife like some disciple of mine like Faggy Bob.

    Awesome how you keep in shape and you must have massive game to pull ladies like that.

    I bet all the dudes are telling you to “settle down” and have kids and get married. Screw that! Why? So we can be as unhappy as them? What a joke.

    Fuck society. We do as we please,am I right?

    And to “morning ass scent”… must be your own ass scent you’re talking about if you’re passing on this young tight firm ass with a pink asshole. Flat? Seriously,sometimes I wonder if some people on this site are closetted fags. Not my children though. My children love pink asshole. Pink pussy. Young tasty. Tight. Firm. Bubbly. Just like this one.

  • http://Downunder Andy

    Gee Mr Morning Ass Scent, I just hope Jimbo doesn’t read that.
    If he does do 5 days a week of iron, you better run boy!

    I see nothing wrong with her behind, it’s all legal & it’s all

  • DougieLittleHand

    I’d pound her butt hole.

  • stevemotherfuckingtasker

    good for you if thats your thing, guy. but you probably shoulda followed peter pan to neverland. rock-n-roll band? skateboarding? hahahahhahhhaa. fucking saggyballs manchild.

  • girlwatcher

    Awful flat ass. She must be on her back all day long. Does she accept quarters?

  • Billy Bob

    Well guys my ol lady’s ass IS about this size at 39, even after having 2 kids! It was WAY smaller than this at 22. I give her ass a 7 for a 22 year old on my crank-o-meter. So Jimbo enjoy this while you can cuz I’m guessing in another 15 years its gonna be HUGE like first’s boyfriend’s ass.

  • Billy Bob

    @stevemotherfuckingtasker yea I’m thinking the same thing. He’ probably just like first an unemployed man child living in his mom’s basement. The pic is nice but it very well could be a creep shot. Hell, Jimbo could just be yet another one of first’s fake names. In a rock band? Sure you are, Jimbo. It’s great that you “have” a 22 year old girlfriend. It’s a lil creepy that she’s old enuff to be your daughters age if you had one. I’m sure if its a real romance the conversations must be great. Does your band play Justin Beber and Mylee Cyrus songs so she can enjoy it too. BAHAHAHA

  • http://Yahoo serka

    That’s pretty disappointing for a 22 year olds ass

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    That’s pretty disappointing for a 22 year olds ass

    serka on February 10th, 2013



  • stevemotherfuckingtasker

    Agreed, BillyBob. Chas was a intentionally a joke in Wedding Crashers. He was supposed to be playing a LOSER. yeah can we get a sample of your conversations?
    Peter Pan: “Man, that Jimmy Carter sure was an awful president”.
    JailBait: “Who is Jimmy Carter?”

  • chester

    looks like 10lbs of shit forced into a 5lb can! ill pass

  • http://entertainmentbuzzz.com/ Jia

    look like all of them need to work alot, but a very nice collection lol

  • Billy Bob

    @stevemotherfuckingtasker LOL EXACTLY!

  • Sal

    Good Job Jimbo! Hit that shit Son ! They should make a Statue of you in front of Staples Center here in L.A. next to Wyane Gretzgy (I can never spell his name rite,Damm)!

  • reck

    Just as long as you keep feeding her green paper she’ll stay by your side, I’m sure. lol

  • girlwatcher


  • kane

    Look, lets be honest, this ass isn’t great even with the upshot , but for a 47 yr old to have it is wonderful. Its a Porsche boxster. Nothing compared to Ferrari and lambo, but much better than his neighbors’ fat boring minivans.

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