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Jennifer Lopez’s new video is going to be all about ass and nothing else

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If you want to see J-Lo grabbing and shaking her ass, this is the video for you. I haven’t been this excited for something involving Jennifer Lopez since the premier of Gigli.



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  • Master Amsu

    Have to say she still has it at 44 years old 2 children later, one of the smartest women in Hollywood. The Queen of Ass the one that started it all!

  • Travis Saunders

    What a waste

  • whathappened?

    that ass aint shit no more, what happened to that XL dumper?

  • David Q

    It mattered 10 years ago about the junk she had…now JaLo is just “low” and needs to grow the hell up like most Latin women her age.

  • tyler4all

    Haha, she needs to retire that tired, old ass and start acting and dressing her age. There are plenty of hot, young things around with better butts. She’s been out-assed! haha

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