Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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Keep going for the full pic & to see her face…

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  • Jargo

    Bootybootybootybootybooty everywhere

  • BigChorizo

    Gotta thank whom ever invented yoga pants!!!!

  • Bob


  • MC

    Im starting yoga classes next week fo sho

  • janey’s admirer

    i want to get nasty with that….

  • jay

    this is so not fair i should be all up in that right now

  • janey

    Good lord! So in loooooveee!!!

  • http://- riverman

    face is meh. booty is ok…

  • Jack

    Doggie-style means you don`t have to look…

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  • MyMom

    @riverman.. Yeah because the chicks you get are so much hotter..

    Anyway, lovin’ this pic

  • http://www.askmen.com Akeem Alexander

    That IT’S THE WEEKEND BABY Slimy Inappropriate Ass is going to be Fucked First in My Top 100 Billboard Fuck List!!! ;D

  • GoCanes

    Yeah… yeah… she’d get it.

  • Me

    I’m with Jack

  • Vic

    SEXY !!

  • bootywatcher33

    ass is SICK, face is busted. i like the original photo better

  • Johnny

    She’s got it.

  • Darwin

    Give it an S for Smmmmmmaaaaack!

  • Marco

    Whoever said this girl is busted in the face, needs their eyes checked. Y’all probably think those nappy ghetto booty pics are hotter than this. This girl’s bangin’ on all cylinders.

  • http://www.TheWorldFrenzy.com Fred

    Hot as hell, if you disagree, you’re gay.


  • http://devon.Lakers2416/Facebook.com Devon2416

    Now this is how to start the weekend with these sexy ass pics thanks GIYP!

  • yowza

    WOW! very nice, I would eat that delicious booty

  • janey

    1. She has awesome DSL’s which I’m sure you fellas have noticed.
    2. She takes care of her eyebrows along with the rest of her body.
    3. Yeah, she’s making a duck face but who gives a fuck! I’m sure if it was a proper face pic, you would all want her looking back at you while you bang her!
    Seriously, you guys are dumb.

  • Mathias

    This blog has one of the most depraved comments sections. Totally ruins the eye candy if you scroll down and read something about someone wanting their face where a girl’s ass is (a crowd favorite), or “eating the corn out of her shit to know where it came from.” Al you virgins need to get some class.
    Everyone’s friend Janey that comments all the time is really a dude that gets off to making online comments posing as a chick…That’s not obvious to anyone else yet?? This “Janey,” whose avatar pic everyone else is so obsessed with? Prob a 60 year old dude with daddy issues.

  • Lordhavemercy

    Janey wins.

  • money shot

    @ Janey…..you tell em! ;)

  • Mike

    Isn’t that the chic from Shameless??

  • Clem

    You are sooooo right Janey. How many of these dipshits that rag down some of these girls would turn them down?

  • Phil

    Would I object to this girl throwing herself at me? Hell no. That is one fine-looking woman.

  • OliverClohZoff

    I ♥ you Janey

  • StrokerAce

    That fiiiiiiiiiiine ass needs to be fondled, groped, and tapped! I’m just the man for the job, too. ;)

  • janey

    @Mathias – I totally agree with your first comment but the second part (which I’m assuming is an attempt at me giving out a facebook or something) is completely false. I am a girl, this is my pic and I do <3 girls in yoga pants!
    also, I'm pretty certain you're giddy in the pants seeing and @mathias comment from me, it's okay, it's only natural.

  • charlie

    Your rady to party like the rockstar baby…

  • Anasslover

    this is one smoking broad, mmmmm

  • towerATC

    janey FTW

  • LINK

    Pure lines sweet!!!

  • Marcus


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