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That’s the first thing you think when you see a smoking hot babe wearing pants like these. Thankfully, yoga pants do an incredible job anyways so I don’t think anyone’s complaining. A visitor who would like to remain anonymous found these pics on the front page of Reddit and thought you might be interested in see them. My vote goes to the girl dressed as a horse. Which booty do prefer?



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  • Pep Streibeck

    Wow that’s awesome color yoga pants! I would definitely jerk off ASAP if I saw that chick in person.

  • Bear

    The one on the left is easier to tell… U can see the cuff on the bottom… but the one on the right… with the socks covering…? DEVILISH GIRL! LOL!

  • Shiloh

    I’m going to find her. Only 2300 Starbucks to go!

  • Tim

    Omg wow the girl on the right defiantly looks naked! Lol Starbucks girl isn’t even supposed to be wearing yoga pants at work let alone that color because of policy but thank you for not giving a shit!!

  • lulu lover

    If these pants dont start an epidemic of guys jerking in public i will be shocked…. the one on the right is perfect except for her tail…. thats kind of creepy…. dress up as a cop/scoolgirl/anime girl/maid=great…. dress up as an animal=weird…

    That said i wouldnt pass on either… tail or no tail, id even drink a cup of that shit burnt tasting SB coffee just to gock for 10-15

  • this is my user

    girl in the right, i’d love to blow a load inside her ass and puss…but then again I am into blondes

  • reck

    Bitches that were skin color tights want to be fucked. Why else would you wear such pants? Whore

  • Zack Morris

    Definitely horse girl. Damn she thick! Neeeehhhhh

  • wes

    Oh dear. That horse girl is a smokeshow. I would love to bury my face in her ass. Definitely hotter than the barista.

  • Dr.S

    I put an expresso bean in her balloon knot and made a caramel machiato. It was easy. thestinky.com

  • n

    I swear I saw this same picture, except the girl was wearing black yoga pants. I think this is photoshopped

  • Ted Smith


  • Cokendaz

    I like my starbucks coffee xtra creamy.

  • H

    Who’s the girl on the right?

  • tommyboy

    Absolutely love this color of yoga pants incredible genius innovation more girls should wear this color just amazing as for the pony girl I just want to put a saddle on her and go for a ride around the house then fill her with a big load of baby juice

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