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Submitted by Girls In Yoga Pants fan David, this GIYP took a couple of shots to show off her big booty. Keep going for the enlarged shot..

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  • SneakyPeaky

    uw la la

  • tim

    ugh gross

  • Georgie

    Nice ass. More angles please

  • Kid Salami

    No way I’m not to picky but that looks wide & chunky. If I’m wrong send in one taken directly behind you.

  • Mongo

    Obviously needs more yoga! FAIL on adding this one. This girl needs liposuction, bad!

  • calimike

    Not impressed

  • Rad

    Her body is smoking hot but it doesn’t look real. She has the lower legs waist and upper body of a high school athlete with the ass and thighs of a fuller figured woman. Similar to Kim Kardashian but less toned.

    I prefer a woman with curves but thin and trim can be sexy too. That image looks like it has been padded or photoshopped.

  • peter fitztite

    Seriously girls in yoga pants in a tailspin. No one wants to see this shit!?!?! Come on now

  • Dannie

    @Rad I do indeed, looks photoshopped. More angles please

  • Jagoff

    This bitch is a pig…. It’s “girls” in yoga pants, not farm animals in yoga pants… Get it together GIYP…

  • Big D

    The waist band on the front is tight while on the back there’s an inch or so gap, I think fake, photoshopped or she just stuffed padding down the back of the pants, likely the later of the two to create that seperation.

  • Chris

    Don’t listen to those couch potato idiots, you are SMOKING HOT! Look at how the waist band doesn’t touch her back because that nice plump ass holds it out and then tell me it’s photoshopped. Sexy and Thick!!! Love it. Nice skin tone too. I love caramel!!!

  • StrokerAce

    Her body looks lumpy, almost as if the pics are from a funhouse mirror.

    Of course, if her box is a funhouse, maybe I’d take a walk through it? I’d want better angles first, though.

  • I Love Yoga Pants

    Sorry, not feeling this one. Her body doesn’t match up with the chunky butt.

  • Jizzy

    This slut needs Brazilian Butt Lift!

  • maestro716

    Everyone, it is real. Her name is Maliah Michel. Look her up. She has ass and hips for days.

  • Pedro

    Omg. Amazing.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Latin chicks LOOOOVE pit bulls…

  • AssMane


  • YoungGun

    It looks like she shit herself.

  • Rad

    I Googled Maliah Michel and the pic does appear to be of her. Petite from the waist up and the knees down but with a huge rounded ass and thighs.

    That may be the best example of a perfect female body that I have ever seen. Larry Flint, Hugh Hefner… They can take the picture, but they can’t make it. Only God above can make it for ya.

  • Team glock

    It’s actually real I know the girl her name is maliah Michel

  • Jimmy Jack

    She’s BAD, these guys obviously have never been close to a real woman before!

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