Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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Nothing better than a girl in yoga pants in the kitchen. If only the sender of this pic had included a bigger version — Unfortunately this is it.

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  • olskoolsteve

    I just wanna lick her sexy ass!


    Picture her with my dick in her ass .. she looks A LOT better that way!

  • Jagoff

    Im not lying when I say I will masterbate to her in my mom’s basement tonight… Yes, I am that guy…

  • StrokerAce

    The sender should submit a few more photos. This must be rectified at once!

    And now that I’m erectified… :D

  • George Costanza

    A woman belongs in the kitchen and laying in bed waiting for me to phuck!
    - fat man living in moms basement

  • sploosh

    Omfg nice ass but need more pics full body pics

  • will

    Her name is Rosa acosta and she if on Twitter and Facebook with hundreds of love of her perfect ass

  • cazr

    All just wanna fck that ass soo hard on the kitchen…

  • Sal

    I’ll make them ass checks clap, you feel me

  • Will

    Just read my comment and the grammar is all jacked. Her name is Rosa Acosta and she is currently on twitter and facebook, where she has a tons of pictures of her lovely ass.

  • loki

    it’s a slutty mud, people. have some pride!!!

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    I Luv Sluts!!!! I’d clear that counter off and instantly Ass Fuck her!!! Perfect sex hot woman in the kitchen cooking!!!! Gotta Luv That!!!

  • Yoga Guy

    OH Yum..I love the curve of her back right above that fine booty! Time to go find her on Twitter

  • Yoga Guy

    Oh, and I don’t think this is Rosa Acosta (the hip-hop dancer/model/actress).


    I will teach her how to roast sausage. Heh heh, sausage, eh huh!

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