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Twitter follower Bria sent in this shot of herself.. would you hump it? Let her know in the comments!


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  • The Last Universalist

    YES. And again YES. That booty is a winner.

  • Optimus_Dime

    mmhmm sit on my face!

  • Anonymous

    I wud more then hump it. Lick it clean baby girl

  • Just Sayin

    yes right after she grew up, learned to make her bed and put her things away …

  • buttman

    my wish is she blew a wet fart in that position for me to clean

  • bedroom gangsta

    the fact she has to arch her back means she aint got enough booty….

  • Honkytonk

    With no regret. She seems like a girl i’d take to dinner and a movie though too. Gotta treat her right.

  • Anonymous

    i would go down on that shit all freakin day long from front to back!

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    Yes I would pull down my pants show off my superman tighty whites and dry hump the hell out of her.

    Once my dick was total raw dog I would slam it in her ass until she drained my ballsack

  • hell yea

    I would love to hump that all day every day.

  • wes

    You have such a sexy ass. I would pull those pants down and lick every inch of your ass and then fuck you and come all over your sexy ass.

  • Errol Collins

    hell yea i would hump and cum on it too

  • Ass Master

    Would I hump that?? Let me th…. YES.

  • showtime

    hump and pump that bump rump trump

  • buttman

    i want her to squeeze me a treat out of that fudge factory

  • Chris

    HELL YEAH!!!! and grab a handful of her hair and give it a nice tug while I’m at it!!!!

  • Jay

    Yes! Without hesitation!

  • Landon F

    Good lord YES! I would bury my face in it, get a good smell, eat it for 30 minutes, then bang it half to death!

  • StrokerAce

    I’d bump it, hump it, pump it, and dump my seed in it! :D

  • Anonymous

    hell yes over and over agian but id take it off

  • gjm

    fuck yea, i would bury my face between those tight ass cheeks and use her butthole as a breathing apparatus

  • paul

    i would hump and pump this chick for sure

  • ScooterDoo

    Can’t imagine how tight that must be

  • Jenny Taylia
  • Jenny Taylia

    First i would lick her til she should cum no more

  • diggler

    I would handle that like a boss! All night long!

  • Dan

    As perfect as it gets.

  • dylan

    hell ya

  • Joe

    I would absolutely “hump” that banging body right there

  • Dave

    Id drop so many loads in her she would leak for the rest of her life!

  • M Fosco

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I wouldn’t only HUMP it, i’d make sweet love to the that perfect booty

  • Horseflesh

    Oh man i’d spread that shit while i go balls deep an tell her to move her fuckin head so i can watch the ball game

  • Mike

    For sure over and over

  • Rockfan


  • cazr

    Fuck yeah baby all hump that and will creampie the tight pussy..

  • brialover


  • jack



    Hump it? I would DESTROY it.

  • daniel

    i would really love to have a fierce grip at that…………

  • Me

    Anytime she’s ready…

  • http://Giyp Bootybeergoggles

    Ehh, that’s kinda flat, the arch in her back creates a Lil fluff in that pancake booty. I think a titty -dick sandwich might be in order for this one .

  • Scanon84

    The real question is….what wouldn’t I do with that perfect female specimen

  • Bootyologist

    gotta agree with Bootybeergoggles, a little more shape / beef wouldnt hurt. Looks a little flat. With that said I would still get in there like a champ.

  • jimny

    I would look at rub it smack it lick it and hump it.

  • Anonymous

    Hell yess

  • Anonymous

    yea yea i would by shoving my hard on in there and cumming

  • no one

    No way

  • Zack

    Hell yeah! I wanna hump that ass :)

  • http://yahoo jose

    i fuck u until death

  • robert allen

    YES i would like to hump her!!! I would also like to give all the oral she wants!!! Nice!!!

  • D?????

    I would cum all over dat ass straight up.

  • totes adorb

    Why not?? If you ignore the fact that her closet is a little messy, her ass looks great..

  • smokintat

    Bria, you have a gorgeous ass….love it!

  • JohnnyBoy

    Honey, I will RAPE the shit out of your ass!!!

  • Anonymous

    Goodness, yes!

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com James johnson

    Truthfully, I don’t care if we were best friends or something, I would jump that Ina second, and pull her hair not too hard, holy shit I think I’m gonna cum just typing this

  • http://witkh.tumblr.com Witkh13

    Wrote my name on her richly fertile womb walls with my potently virile baby batter.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants Bootylover

    I would hump dat so hard I’m jerking off over it right now

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