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Hump Day: Which would you hump?

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hump-left-or-rightLeft or Right?

Submitted by The ASSMAN


13 Comments Amateur  //  Small Booty
  • Master Amsu

    Left for sure but I would tap them both …..

  • butt licker

    left all day

  • John Ramcock

    The one on the right simply cos blondes are fucking psycho man.

  • CaptainCrankyDeux


  • doctor stinkstah

    the one on the right has grandma cheeks. sorry i’ll veer left.

  • lever

    right. I’ve got a thing for red heads

  • Milhouse Vanhouten

    Well, I would squeeze both their butts, tickle them, rub my hand under their legs then pull down the pants.

  • Tommyboy

    left because she is blonde and blondes are hot

  • Canuck Guy

    The one on the left looks like she has the better butt but that could be due to the angle the shot is better for her presentation.

  • S R J

    definitely left, that butt has much better shape

  • Rod Pullen

    Loves me some redheads but love the tuchas more. Give me the left.

  • DS

    Gray. all the way.

  • Raperman

    Left, pull her hair white tapping her from behind.

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