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If LA Fitness ever decides to offer booty sculpting classes, they could definitely use this as the advertisement. Although that might be kind of counterproductive as the giant group of homeless men masturbating in front of it would probably be distracting and off-putting. Oh well, keep going for the high res!

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  • Sixman



    i’d eat it up. pre-shower stylee

  • http://none.com Westifer

    Why the dudes gotta be homeless? lol

  • Chef Freak

    that’s not a nice ass…it’s just a big ass. nothing to see here.

  • Resu Eman

    Another ‘shopped pic, I don’t get why they post these.

  • The Last Universalist

    Mmmmm, nice and curvy. Lots to love about that booty.

  • buttman

    not really into the giant bootys but something about this one makes me want to inhale one of her farts

  • buttman

    i would inhale her farts

  • loki

    come back in 6 months when you have worked off that ghetto butt.

  • Ass Master

    That beeeatch is trying to steal that machine!! She probably figures she could sell it for scrap weight and buy some Walmart clothing..

  • jack

    First day at the gym!!! Nice to see that she’s making an attempt to get rid of that A$$!!! Stick with it!!!

  • StrokerAce

    I’d probably lift that shirt and dry hump that ass. At least once anyway. ;)

  • Yes


  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    No thanks. Thanks for posting my creep shots asshole

  • Elbie Eff

    isnt this a repost?

  • James

    come on. fake. you can see the bad use of coloring. almost looks cartoon color near the ass where they photoshopped it.

  • M

    I find it funny and slightly weird that posters would go out of their way to leave negative remarks on pics that they don’t like seeing. It’s an ongoing custom here on GIYP, I see. Weird custom.

  • Carnage

    Gotta agree with Chef…. it’s not nice, just BIG… gotta pass

  • Horny Badger

    Awesome round ass. Although I find it hard to be real.

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