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No, you’re not crazy, the picture above isn’t moving. Not because we’ve decided to spin a web of lies to get you here, but because we’re not allowed to post nudity on our homepage. Thankfully, we have Tumblr. So hop on over to our Tumblr page and check out what this butt looks like out of yoga pants!

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  • Retired Porn Star

    That reminds me of a bunch of videos I was in, except that it’s running in reverse…

    Good times…good times…

  • rob

    i just popped a boner so fast i shit myself

  • chester

    nicely done

  • Johnny

    so rob, what you’re telling us is.. you pooped a boner.

  • Billy Bob

    Oh thats nice! A+ for the effort. Love how she arches her hips and back. I could watch that for hours just not here at work. I would rather see it run backwards though. So it looks like she’s stripping, not getting dressed. I give that a 9.5 on my crank-o-meter. What’s with the studs on her back? Not sure if I should be turned on by that or not?

  • Neal

    Great ass.

  • The Last Universalist

    Very sexy, and the gif is even sexier. VERY nice butt.

  • mordred

    @rob: how the hell did you pooped a boner?

    be better if the gif had a hand coming in and spanking it and the pants are going down ^^

  • Kyle

    This is sad when a girl is wearing yoga pants and they are sagging off her ass. This is close to the worst picture on GIYP.

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Very nice find guys. This one definitely goes to my jerk off with tiny dick file.

    As your unofficial GIYP Quality Control Director I suggest you do the same.

    You can almost smell that stinky ass from here. Just how I like it. Mmm either she had mexican for lunch or really bad chinese food.

    This one gets my sweet tiny bubbly mushroom stamp of:


    You guys have my blessing to go to town on this ass… just make sure you don’t get your screen and/or keyboards dirty

  • DougieLittleHand

    Those stones on her back would probably fall of if I boned her. I’m ruff

  • rob

    omg poped a boner shit oh well

  • mordred

    @kyle: i think what your thinking is sag is actually her pulling on one side or pulling em up (unsure if you did see the gif or not)

    @first: no thank you i have some amount of shame so i will not sniff a woman’s ass

  • c

    What are those metal things on her back?! Was she plugged into the matrix or something???!!!

  • StrokerAce

    I’d use those spinal studs of hers like runway lights. I know they don’t light up or anything (or do they?), but I’d just thrust my cock up to her pits, ejecting my payload as I pilot up her sphincter.

    That made no sense, but I love bad puns (and sexy asses). ;)

  • mordred

    the metal things on her back are piercings and i can’t believe i missed them!

    addition to my first comment: i want to restrain her so i can give her a reward for getting piercings down her back then when she says thank you for her reward, i turn that hot sexy ass red then cover it with my sticky cum and (not real even if it was i’d never share the pics of her with any of you XD) then have her pose with my cum on her ass and have her keep it on her for a few minutes ^^

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