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This Girl In Yoga Pants reports that this is her second attempt at getting on our site – the left photo being submitted today and the right photo being submitted back in December. We here at GirlsInYogaPants.com understand your desire to get posted on the homepage and so we’ve decided to show you some easy steps to get you ahead of the game! (no joke, we’re backed up over 2600 emails)

1. Be wearing yoga pants/shorts/tights or spandex of some sort, so we can justify posting you.
2. Have a nice ass (It’s number 2 because that’s where the poop comes from.. & because we have Friday Frontals!)
3. A fan sign! This ALWAYS helps. “GirlsInYogaPants.com” written on your body or a piece of paper is what we encourage.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our submission form and let’s see if you have what it takes! Or you can just continue reading for the enlarged shots @AmyDeeoh submitted!

Girls In Yoga Pants


21 Comments Amateur
  • tyler

    hellll yess

  • cazr

    I wana fck that baby nice..

  • Bk

    Still waiting for the ass part

  • Jagoff

    She has zero ass… This picture is bullshit…

  • Andrew

    ^ in less if you want a giant black booty this is perfect

  • Yoga Guy

    this is a lovely, lovely booty. She clearly has a great shape and her ass will still look good in twenty years…unlike some of the ghetto booty that gets posted here.

  • Windowlicker

    Smack my dick all over that

  • Hypez

    I laughed at the smack my dick all over that comment.

  • http://giyp.com pete

    God bless lululemon!

  • Yuck

    Ewwww first pick nasty hairs in back. White girls dont get a free pass cause the blondes hard to see. If the hair was black she would get knocked out. Nasty white girls trim that shitor laser it

  • loveDatAss

    Come on beautiful, sit on my face for just a minute.. You’ll love it ;D

  • Ch’booie

    In the more recent photo her ass looks much nicer and I can see that she has smooth, supple, luminous skin and that’s she’s clearly sexy as hell.

    mmmm, god damn, did I mention how nice her skin is? I want to fuck her from behind and then pull out and come on her back.

  • Aaron

    Yum yum I LIKE THAT BUM! lol

  • StrokerAce

    I’d happily bust my nuts all over her! :D

  • Ch’booie

    @ yuck: Fine little cute delicate fuzzy girl-hairs are not disgusting and a woman as perfectly beautiful as this one does not need to be blasted with fucking lasers just to appease women-hating, closeted cocksckers such as yourself.

  • Yuck

    Its fucken nasty u troll. She needs to laser.

  • drew

    Beautiful. Perfect shape.

  • http://giyp s6v9s

    Another thing that helps get posted…white or see through yoga pants.

  • Jack

    Beautiful Ass! wowowow!!!

  • lorco

    My god what a luscious body! Holy Fuck!!

  • anon

    Jealous haters listen. Can you say “Harder, better, faster, stronger”? She is harder, better, faster and stronger than any of you. Girl would beat your obese fat body to a pulp in about 60 seconds and look amazing doing it.

    Lululemon is made for a butt like that.

    Totally hot!

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