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Enjoy the view of this hot chick until Buffalo Bill ruins it at the 1:00 mark.


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  • Stratman

    Still petty hot. If you can stay focused. Keep your eyes on the prize and you’re good.

  • Opitmus Primal

    She is ugly send her ass back to Mexico.

  • George Costanza


  • The Truth

    2 big fags on this this page, I bet they suck dick for crack, lames.Its crazy how 2 dicks can be pussies

  • Gnar Shred

    She is pretty Gnar Shred im just not sure what this is exactly

  • Corey

    Yeah she ain’t sexy get her off of this site or I’ll call Immigration on her.

  • D????

    the girl is sexy but that fag ass pussy fucked it up

  • StrokerAce

    Why was JUMBO jones ruining this video? He thertainly thtrutted hith thekthy thtuff, didn’t he? Oooooh!

  • brian
  • ed1ed

    LOL!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!! The queen is waring heels LOL!!!!

  • John

    I generally love most of the photos on the site (I’m an equal opportunity yoga pants connoisseur), but all the ignorant, racist, and homophobic comments makes me not want to associate myself with such assholes. Give it a rest, enjoy the photos, and try not to be such pricks.

  • Sfern19

    There was a dude in this pic ??? I was to focused on the ass and trying to see a camel toe :p

  • Dick

    YEA what he said. JUST ENJOY THE ASS!!!

  • El Guapo

    There was a buffalo bill in that video? I didn’t notice… i was too busy staring at that hot girl’s feet and thinking how I’d like to slide those achy high heels off and lick the bottom of her feet for her.

  • Stratman

    I agree with John. Way too much racism and intolerance around here. People are generally pretty brave when they’re hiding behind a keyboard. I won’t boycott the sight, I just chalk it up to ignorance. And this chick is totally hot.

  • http://www.girlsinyogapants.com Clint

    Not enough ass for me. You can’t tell me Daddy Warbucks wouldn’t take a meat whistle if given the chance!!

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Sir Juciest Gluteus

    Hahahahahahahaha…She looked good. The dude thought he did too. And I also agree with John.
    ..All Hail the ASS!

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