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Dave writes:
Asked the wife if I could put her up on your website, and she said, ‘Fine.’ I personally love her ass, so I want to know what the viewers/readers think.

Well Dave, I can’t speak for everyone but I do believe your wife has a great little butt and we’d like to see more angles to confirm that.. If you like what you see or would like to see more, keep going for the high res shot and and let this couple know what you think in the comments!

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  • Ch’booie

    Not good at all.

  • Chun


  • henri


  • StrokerAce

    Need lighter colors to tell.

  • Veetach47

    Dude, don’t make your wife hold a sign about the website, we want to see her butt, not that. Have her put some dull grey yoga pants on, not shiny black ones, and then get some side shots or side and back angle. She looks great, hell nowadays any woman with a butt smaller than her shoulders is and tight, is friggin’ foxy.

  • Dave

    Id definately use that backdoor as often as she would allow.
    Or id definately miss on purpose….wink wink

  • colts1832

    Dave, your wife is ugly! What the hell is all over those pants? I’m guessing by the look of that room and that outfit….screams white trash!!!

  • Yoga Guy

    Ignore the haters…thanks for sharing! I bet that ass looks great even without tight yoga pants to hold it’s shape – unlike the ghetto booty some people seem to worship.

  • Truth

    The best thing about her is the mole in her arm pit !

  • pokerface

    Waist is wider than her hips, porportions are wrong, that means she got a beergut, beer goggle rating of 10

  • John

    IS that hair sticking out of her Armpits?

  • illest

    No booty at all. Not yoga pant worthy.

  • boss

    I’d hit it. Should’ve had her in sports bra and laying down. I bet it looks damn good naked and in some cheek hugging booty shorts. I’d be happy to tap that every night. So disregard the hater comments.

    Your chick was down to hold a sign up to snap that ass for the site. She’s worthy, but some bareback skin really would’ve complimented her sweet fat lil booty.

  • Sy Brrrr

    Do Over… I thought it was a dude at first, I think a side profile shot would be better.

  • tommyboy

    She has a nice little butt Dave props she looks good in yoga pants

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