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GIYP fan Aaron sent this one in of his girlfriend sporting some yoga pants.. But we can’t really tell how good it is because of the angle and light.. Looks like we’re gonna need some more angles to help decide whether this booty is a 1 or a 10! Until then, let us and them know what you think in the comments!

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  • George Costanza

    SHes good brother, I wish I could get a girlfriend but instead ILl get a gun to blow my brains out.

  • Rick

    She looks great to me. We do need a few more shots though. You know, for the sake of argument.

  • dee jay

    This kinda hard to tell. I believe im gonna need a few more with a wee bit more light to be for certain.

  • StrokerAce

    Aaron, you need to experiment with better lighting and more colors. We’d like to see more. :)

  • Inthebrown

    Definitely not 1! I don’t think quite a 10… But sure would fuck her!

  • Sgt GoodTIMES!

    Picture her with my dick in her ass – she looks a LOT better that way!

  • steve tasker

    angle and lighting=bad
    takes a second but she’s definitely spank-worthy

  • anausguy


  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Strange4change

    If your the bf than you defiantly peeked in your life , it’s all downhill from here when you find out !!! ( yeah I said what your friends already know)

  • hardymardy

    nice ass baby

  • schpankypanky

    I don’t know why everyone on here is so critical. That looks like a nice ass to me. I’d definitely grab it with both hands and rub my dick against it.

  • cazr

    I wanna fck & cum inside your girlfriend let me have here to nite…

  • robert allen

    Hey dude, This is a good thing for you!!!!….Keep it to yourself!!! Don’t share this with ANYONE!!! Peace!!!!

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