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After begging and pleading, this fan’s girlfriend finally let him snap a picture of her in yoga pants. And thanks to the flash, we also get to see her underwear! If you like what you see, keep going for the high res shot and make sure to thank them in the comments..


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  • The Last Universalist


    Ha ha I’m first bitch

    Very nice. I envy the guy who has this lovely girlfreind.

    More pics, please. She’s got a great rear end.

  • StrokerAce

    If he’s gonna beg and plead, then he needs to step aside while I pleasure her a couple of times. ;)

    And I want more pictures of that ass! :D

  • Kyle


    Ya, anymore i’m rarely first : /

    Damn that has a nice shine to it!!

  • bobby

    i would eat her poop straight from her ass just so i could taste her farts when i burped.

  • chester

    bitch needs to clean her room

  • Amazing!

    Love It! More PLEASE.

  • Billy Bob

    Great way to start the week! Anytime she’s on all fours is a good day. Love that ass bouncing doggie style! I give her a hard Monday morning 8.5. If she was looking back at the camera and had more pics she could’ve scored higher or lower depending on how she looked.

  • Neal

    Great picture, now to screw in the ass.

  • tommyboy

    Good shot lookin good in these pants love the visible panties that’s hot

  • Mikadad

    That would be HOT in a thong!!! But great ass!!

  • ref

    we built this tushy on rock n roll

  • DougieLittleHand

    Agree. Clean your room. Thongs are better and you should look back at the camera. That being said nice ass baby. I would butter your biscut with my man butter any day.

  • Ted

    If I couldn’t tap her, I would love to explore her messy room, and find some panties on the floor to have my evil way with! Maybe I’d find more YPs and smell her fragrances lingering in them as well. Maybe her room is so messy she’d not notice the cum stains. :)

  • Carl

    I would make a cup of tea using her vaginal discharge panties as a tea bag.

  • Sal

    Great job Brah for sharing ur o’lady w/us pervs! That’s awesome u get to drop ur baby badder on dat ass and mark ur territory now and then!

  • Uranus

    Is there any room for me in those pants with you, honey?

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Pleading and begging?

    Dude, you need to take some notes from the other badass fan that sent the pic of his girlfriend in all fours doggystyle pose in the fucking middle of a filthy fucking parking lot.

    You think he was pleading and begging? I bet he told his bitch to kneel down on the dirty ground and show her ass to the camera, then he slapped her ass and fucked her in the ass.

    That’s how you do it. Not with pleading and/or begging.

    Also, you think I wanna jerk off my tiny dick to an ass that probably doesn’t take good care… look at that filthy bed, with dirty socks oeverywhere.

    Her granny panties are probably 2 days old without changing them and stink like a dog’s asshole.

    I could say more things as your unofficial GIYP Quality Control Director but I’ll leave it at that.

    Obviously, this one gets my sweet tiny nasty filthy mushroom stamp of:

    P A S S

  • Cybr

    He gets to tap this every night. That’s just not fair. My small dick would rock her world.

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