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So those might not exactly be yoga pants.. but if you complain I’m taking away your Man Card.

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  • Brian

    Nice ASSests!!!!

  • Zack90Deuce

    verry nicee

  • http://GIYP Christian

    hipster douche…nice crapper..but still a douche!

  • paul

    this girl is sooo bad she needs to be disciplined. i would love to nail this one

  • loki

    you need to take away that things man card!!!

  • http://Write g0black

    I’m only gonna complain that she actually has any kind of pants on. What’s this babe’s name?

  • Ivan

    I need to buy this kind of pants for my gf…

  • http://www.facebook.com/BernierTheoriesInc typicalwhiteboy

    I don’t think anyone could do yoga in those pants…

  • steve tasker

    i’d hipster all over her face

  • Richard Head

    I hate hipsters but those pants and that ass definitely have my full attention.


    Damn I don’t think the cow wears the leather that tight!! lol *Drools* and ya gotta love the 80’s styles! I just wish they had “girls in spandex” years ago when it was popular lol.

  • George Costanza

    Id fuck her asshole, but i would have kids with her just jizz on her face

  • http://meatspin.com fatmasturbatingslob

    UHHHH fuck yeah muther fcuker k, YEAH oh yeah, mmmmm fuck fuck fuck , yeah yeah , I I I I FUCKIES!!!!!!!!!! fuckies!!!!!!

  • StrokerAce

    I echo what GIYPLOVER said about the 80’s. FUCK YEAH man! Women loved to try to look hot back then with big hair and stuff like that, so it was great. Then the 90’s came along and fucked everything up.

    The babe in the photos is begging to have that succulent ass drilled by yours truly, and I accept the challenge! :D

  • shawn

    we need a girlsinshinypants.com
    those skin tight pants command my attention



  • Kid Salami

    I 3rd GIYPLOVER & Strokers comments. I still love that 80s look,just watched Hardbodies about a week ago,all kinds of hotties in that with the 80s gear on.
    Oh & yes this chick definitely needs a good plowing ;)

  • NayaL83r

    Jeez, i guess anything goes up now.

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