Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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@kittkatt2011 on Twitter sent us these. Check them out and let her know what you think. Keep going for more pics + larger pics

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  • cazr

    She has nice ass to fck evry single day of the year..

  • The Last Universalist

    Sweet! I’d spend some time with her…

  • TL

    Great ass. Nice work chick! This is the kind of pic i Expect to see on here.

  • mordred

    wouldn’t mind seeing that ass over my lap

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    yummmmmmmm E!

  • George Costanza

    I have an erection.

  • StrokerAce

    Nice ass, kitty! Now let’s get that pussy purrin’. ;)

  • Wiggle Man

    I love that last shot!

  • Co-Dependent

    That’s an ass you could eat.

  • steve tasker

    super yummy, especially the second photo

    tip, next time take photo away from a window…it’s ruining my enjoyment of fantastic juiciness

  • LOL

    Aye George, you know she isn’t white right? Don’t believe me, check out the Twitter page. Lol, and u got an erection from this pic which isn’t a WHITE woman. Guess that means you’re hypocrite and you truly know that skin color doesn’t matter, LOL. Ignorance is a choice, just remember that….

    And the pics are nice, and she got a beautiful face to match the pics

  • Chris

    Super nice ass! Congrats on having an ass that nice!!!!

  • KH

    So tight, want to bite! :P

  • paul

    i would love to bury my face into that before munching

  • SLutButts

    I think this is my new favorite! Red Yoga Pants? who would have known?! her shape is perfection!

  • M.S. in Bootyology


  • Carlow

    I like them apples!

  • Anonymous

    She is white though

  • Onree

    Hollister yoga pants……. Go buy your girl a pair and while your there check out the female staff, they where them as uniform!!!!

  • Ass Master

    I would say that’s a nice looking ass, but there’s someting not right about it… I sense mixed breeding..

  • Yoga Guy

    Very nice! Kinda large, but still has a great shape!

  • Tomass

    Kinda large????? You must be gay or on the wrong website…. Find a new home this spot is for big booty fans.

  • Anonymous

    yo ASS MASTER She really is white though that’s my girl I hit that every night my nigga….I see y’all like what I have though.

  • LOL

    Aye anonymous, if she yo girl and your black then she can’t be white according to Ass Master. Cuz black guys cud never pull beautiful white girl because they are far more superior then any other race, and the only guys that cud remotely have that kind of opportunity is a white guy. Right Ass Master, LOL??!!?!?

  • lolipop

    i wud grab thet ass in train, if i meet her

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