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That looks more like a forehead stand, which really can’t be healthy.. but I had cheesies and redbull for breakfast so what the hell do I know? Scroll down to check out the high res shot..

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  • StrokerAce

    My cock is standing up straight right now. :D

  • MotorBoatin

    Damn it!

  • Richard Head

    She has some nice thighs for a skinny chick, ass isn’t bad either.

  • DanielSnow

    Perfect body.

  • Ward Cleaver

    Me likey!

  • me

    Saw it this morning on the lululemon website.

  • SirDistic

    Holy exposed ribcage Batman!
    She needs a burger, quick!

  • The Gap

    That’s pretty much perfect…and may I say takes some serious core strength to hold in that position!

  • Kaz

    It’s still a head stand guys, and perfectly executed too. Not to mention a perfect body to boot. Nice job.

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