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We love women. A lot. So we’re more than happy to celebrate a day dedicated to them! Show a lady you care, pick her up some yoga pants or some flowers (maybe even a GirlsInYogaPants.com T-Shirt!) – or just tell her she’s beautiful! Regardless of what you need to do, make a woman feel special today. Enlarged picture after the jump!

Submitted by Marshall

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  • assbandito


  • a55


  • a55

    * : Drooling:

  • This Guy

    That bitch is fucking NASTY!!!!! Worst post ever!!!!!

  • jimmy

    photo shopped…check the curtains by her ass

  • dr assman

    WTF? yoga pants from the Eastern Bloc? “Eeeeeevening vwear” ….

  • YoungGun

    Why the fuck does everyone always have to photoshop what is probably a nice ass into something that looks like a bumper on a dump truck.

  • StrokerAce

    GIYP, you guys have to start looking more closely at the asses presented to you. Yeah, I don’t think you have a problem checking out hot asses, but the photo manipulation is far too clear to have missed.

    And for those who Photoshop booty to fake it into being big…WHY? How does that turn you back on? I don’t get it.

  • George Costanza

    This ass is not tickling my penis at all :(

  • jack

    That is one nasty A$$! Can’t believe you’d even post something so nasty

  • vacheezehead


  • Revelation of Life

    Sweet Jesus that’s nice

  • http://none Ibangedheratthebeach

    I’m pretty sure her name is Charlotte Marshall…and if it is, I banged her in Ocean City Maryland after Seacrets…she had to get plan B in the morning, but it was FUCKING awesome.

  • a55

    I’m taking my drool back. Photoshop ass does not have my love!

  • ed56

    Photoshop much? Get the fuck outta here!

  • Macadelik

    Damn I could just Stick my whole Head in that!

  • rob

    I know people say this a lot… but I am inclined to agree now seeing this… this is honestly nasty. Straight up disgusting and I am sad at how GIYP has really hit the bottom of the barrel now :(

  • blackls

    What a nasty F__king fatass.

  • brooklynjoe

    Real men don’t need to take secret pictures of girls like creeps. They get actual girls to pay attention to them.

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