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4/20: Last Year’s Winner

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Congratulations to Alexa for winning our 4/20 shirt contest. She sent in this pic and says “I’m a yoga aficionado whose blunt game is better than Biggie’s.” Congratulations Alexa, enjoy your 4/20 and your new GIYP t-shirt.

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  • Hector S.


  • adlyia

    Pass… Definitely pass. And my standard isn’t that high to start with.

  • RJ1817


  • chris

    She’s perfect !! nice and bendy, cute, and tiny, yum

  • StrokerAce

    Well, golly, for you homos who would pass on this chick, there’s a brand new Three Rings page just for YOU:


    Meanwhile, if Alexa wants, I can show her what kind of a “blunt” game I have! It involves my flesh “blunt” and her ass. :D

  • Neal

    Not bad for some oral and anal action.

  • loki

    nasty tramp

  • Maximus Erectus

    Alexa, When you’re finished with that blunt, I’ve got something else that you can put your hot little lips to. :)

  • Straf24

    She is a cute lil tight hot body. Oh the positions she could be bent in to…

  • http://twitter.com/EricTheActor Eric Lynch

    +1 for the use of a ping pong table.

  • Jimbo

    Smokin’ hot!!! But seriously, this chick is smokin’ effin’ hot! Perfect!

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