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This witty couple sent in this shot when they discovered she had a “hangover”. Their joke, not mine. I hope they come up with more jokes, because I’d like to see more angles. Full shot after the jump!

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  • Marco, San Francisco CA

    Dear baby Jesus, please let my face be the seat for that ass. VERY nice!!!

  • b-rad

    oh yea. that is one fine piece of ass

  • Robert

    jesus christ. Finally someone who knows how to shoot the proper angle too.

    We like!! plz moar!!

  • maestro716

    I hope there’s a part two like the movie!

  • Ben Dover

    Asian Invasion.

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  • Vic


  • janey

    sooo, there have been a lack of posts lately but wooooow has the quality seriously skyrocketed!
    this is awwwwesome!

  • StrokerAce

    Again, if she sat on my lap, I could die a happy man! :D

  • http://devon.Lakers2416/Facebook.com Devon2416

    Nice!!! can you also sit om my lap i like your ass :)

  • Matt

    Perfect little tushy!

  • charlie

    You have a fucken good ass I wish am there sit on my lop baby

  • fanofgiyp

    I’ve got a cure for that hangover.

  • Johnny

    That is an ass of greatness.

  • bocca

    see Janey an asian looking girl with a BANGIN ASS!!!!!!!!!!! post a pic pussy……

  • viz

    hangover indeed, I’m getting drunk just looking at that fine fine ass

  • keith

    that may be a hangover, however it doesn’t count. only side hangovers count – that is when you have a big butt.

  • somedude

    I hereby declare my eternal love for you.

  • viz

    I Had to come back for seconds… by far one of my favorite shots. Please share more you two!

  • taz

    damn thats an ass to die for when she sitting on ur face

  • anonymous

    Dose anyone know of pornography that involves this kind of stuff? Honestly i search everywhere all the time, and this website is the closest i get other than a few vids on eurolapdance.eu There is nothing like seeing an amazing ass in those yoga pants grinding on a cock in those tight soft pants and putting it between her thighs and having her cross her legs at the knees. Nothing in the world gets me off more and i wish i could find legitimate porn like that. like i said eurolapdance.eu and danceonmydick are the closest i get to finding what i want. somone please help me.

  • Ethan

    That’s one hangover I’d love to have. AND she’s asian? Absolute perfection!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • EKUL

    wow fantastic! …… lets see some posts from u janey… pls?

  • Bernard Dover

    Stunning tail, great shot. Its a daymaker for me!!!

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  • http://www.askmen.com Akeem Alexander

    That Slimy Inappropriate Ass is going to be Fucked First in My Top 100 Billboard Fuck List!!! ;D


  • http://www.google.com R. Allen

    YOU have a lovely booty!!!….would you like a Rim job???

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