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  • whatshesay?!

    Going to have to say fake on this one.

  • kyle

    whats up with you faggots? every time a big ass gets up you say its fake?

    get the fuck real, this aint your suburbia ass

  • Diesel

    A work of art, truly beautiful

  • Andrew

    A work of Photoshop

  • Buddy

    Definitely fake. Look at the background to the left and right of her cheeks. Shit is strettttched. Hot, though

  • Jason

    It’s fake you can tell by the guys on the rights shirt it shouldn’t curve with that a$$ but it is nice tho

  • Don Nelson

    To each his own – too big for me

  • MJChappell

    Yeah, that would straighten me tha fuck right on up !!

  • janey

    hasn’t this one been posted already and deemed fake?

  • thatguy

    Completely fake
    everything on the edge of her ass is obscured
    i bet it probably still looked amazing beforehand but I guess we’ll never know

  • gravity

    this butt is so big it warped everything around it

  • Patrick

    Oh my God, do people even try to learn to use Photoshop?

  • Aldusxenon

    Fake or not this is EPIC.

  • hey_how_ya_doin


  • http://facebook DeShean Weber

    OMG! she is beautiful!

  • Johnny

    That is probably hotter before the photoshop

  • jeff

    Id eat that out and go back for seconds

  • Soul

    the photoshop is screaming “FAKE” seriously if you’re gonna fake something, put some effort in it ._.

  • Jon

    Horribly fake.

  • http://CreepShots.com Creep

    Yeah I call fake. But it’s a nice fake. I’d still hit it

  • fanofgiyp

    Calling shenanigans on this one!

  • Marco

    Bad photoshop *yawn* Ruined what was probably a much better ass making it all big on the sides…you can even see how distorted the people are in front of her.

  • JuggNuttz

    no bueno

  • Baguito

    it’s very bad photoshop… NEXT PLEASE!

  • Troy

    You say fake I say bring me that fake ass nice!!

  • jeff

    actually this is 100% real…. this is my girlfriend and i tap that every night and you weirdos wish you had a girl half as hot as her…. get a good look because thats about as close as you losers will ever get to a premium ass like that… a photo… AHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA

  • StrokerAce

    I wonder why Jimbo Jones isn’t on THIS post screaming “FAKE”? He’d actually build credibility.

    No, he’s on the IHOP post doing that. Hmmmmmmmm…….methinks Jimbo’s a closet gayboy.

    But I’m with Janey: I think this has been here before (and got the same “FAKE” treatment).

  • tyrell

    photoshop fail, cmon people you could at least put a little effort into it

  • Bonzo All Star

    Definitely photoshop. That is unless her ass is so dense that it bends light around it.

  • maestro716

    @ Kyle ummm maybe because this one is clearly photoshopped. Look at the warping around it. Guy in the white shirt is bend outward. Look at the ground around her ass.

    As for calling people faggots for stating the facts and bursting your little internet bubble, calm that down. It’s not that serious, never has been.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    I love this i hit that ass for those are hating on nice asses all you got to do id come out from you closet it that easy!

  • riverman

    why even bother posting the obvious fake photos???

  • Yowza

    please resubmit without doctoring the original, looks like it would have been a great little pooper without the photoshopping

  • Pissedinjimboswheaties

    That’s what we in Miami call Calender Ass! Ass for months and months!!

  • Robert

    epic fake

  • Scott

    Stop posting bad photoshop fakes please.

  • Dozer

    I am a graphic artist and yes this is photoshopped…anyone that think this is real is dumb…and anyone fighting over this fact is even dumber…first off if your gonna try to full a bunch of pervs perhaps cut the girl out of the photo first…clone her….then stretch it over a non warped background…..DUH!!!! lmao!!

  • Jason

    Yeah I love asses like that, but it is either photoshopped or some sort of fish eye lens, because of the distortion. No fakes please, just ruins the real ones credibility.

  • Yoga Guy

    It’s true: this probably was some fine bootay before the photoshop. Why is ‘real’ not good enough? Why do so many people need better-than-real? Our culture is really messed up at this point.


    That ass was not made in the USA. That’s an overseas ass. HOLY BABY JESUS

  • MIKE C

    WHO GAS if it is fake?
    let me tongue it before i squirt on it

  • http://www.theefab.com make a profile

    big enough to sit a cup on her booty

  • the ass doctor

    really bad pic not good look at everything around her hips yes guys that one is fake but if it was real sign me 2 go explore that ass

  • krikir

    Bad, bad Photoshop. Can’t even call it work. Find the outline tool before you hack an image like that.

  • anonymous

    this is so shopped it’s not even funny.

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