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Hanging Loose With A Tight Booty

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Today I learned that hand sign she’s doing is called the “Shaka sign”. More importantly, I also learned that you can make a lot of people look at a girl’s hand rather than her ass simply by mentioning it. What are you doing wasting your time looking at that for? Keep staring at that magnificent side-booty.

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  • George Costanza

    I wish I could have sex with both at the same time. I would be a very happy man.

  • this_is_my_user

    Both are really hot. I really dig the blonde though. I’d like to fuck her in the ass while the brunette licks my cock going in and out of her ass

  • Dats

    I like the one on the right definitely!!

  • Yogi

    Need names

  • louis

    She is wearing what appears to be a UofL branded bracelet and UofL’s merch font on her ass…… thats where i go to college

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