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We appreciate the effort, but don’t come looking at us when they revoke your membership!

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  • StrokerAce

    If I actually went to a gym and saw that in front of me, the only things getting worked would be my wrists and cock.

    Until I got thrown out or arrested, anyway. ;)

  • HungDaddy

    I love when I see this, but at the same time I hate when I see this. It’s really hard to conceal a raging boner while wearing gym shorts.

  • GIYP192

    You couldn’t get some video?

  • Randall

    I hope you fools have daughters.

  • blueollie

    I love it….once I was standing in front of a mirror doing my rotator cuff exercises when a spinning class instructor, dressed like this, got on her knees and started doing deep stretches while facing away from me…. :)

  • Diesel


  • aceable

    I love gym butts there the best, but it suck when you pop a boner when your working out

  • YPP

    This girl is definately like 15-16

  • TNA

    15-16?? Hell know, she’s probably at least 17 or 18 at the youngest. Nice creep shot… but if I caught someone snapping pics of me in the gym, the’d walk out with a black eye and missing teeth ;)

  • jigsaw

    ahhh gym girls

    fitness gear, very sexy
    beautiful girls… dang

  • Mark

    wish i went to that gym but then may get thrown out real quick

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