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Keep going for the enlarged shot of this babe in yoga pants

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  • http://occupy-bacon.tumblr.com/ Carlow

    Ay chica! That is amazing!

  • Ward Cleaver

    On behalf of men and lesbians everywhere, keep up the good work!

  • DewDad

    That is one of the busiest phone cases I’ve ever seen!

    But she could have all she wants on there as long as she keeps taking photos like this!!

  • cazr

    Dam u have nice curves and your ass to i wanna due it evry nite long baby

  • buttman

    WOW, nicest ass i have seen in a long time!

  • razorsharp

    She looks great. That GFCI installation on the sink does not.

  • Big D

    I believe that’s Claudia Sampedro, not 100% sure but fairly certain. Google image her and I promise you’ll be rewarded with a steaming erection! She’s hot as fuck… Side note, Reggie Bush used to bang her.

  • buttman

    eh, she banged a brother.. you can keep her then!!

  • reggie

    Reggie Bush was a lucky motherfucker.

  • StrokerAce

    I’d much rather see all of her body: full-on legs, too, as she spreads herself all over my bed, writhing and moaning, “Come and get me, Stroker…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, baby……”

    Yeah, I just squirted man gravy in my Hanes. ;)

  • Bootyologist

    Cuban chick. Very nice. I wouldn’t mind bangin Reggies’s leftovers. Def wouldn’t kiss / go down on her though.

  • The Last Universalist

    Wow. Quite nice.

  • b

    now thats an app i could pump

  • b


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