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STOP! Don’t flip out. One of our fans has been requesting a bigger girl for a little bit, and we like to appeal to all our fans. It’s only one update, no need to rip your eyes out. If you have a problem, head over to our Facebook and let it be known on his post on our wall – your voice matters!

**Please note: No, this is not the Cloverfield monster.


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  • b-rad

    i like it

  • grant

    Fat asses are wonderful, fat stomachs – not so much. I’m neutral here.

  • Jay

    Finally!!!!! Screw those guys who can’t handle a real woman, I’ll take this any day.

  • Patrick

    A real woman is built like an out of shape man?

    That’s news to me…

  • The Diesel

    Fat and out of shape is not a real woman. She’s an undisciplined pig.

  • H-Bomb

    Just fine by me…she could sit on my face any day! :)

  • Blymie

    Lotsa cushion for the pushin..

  • Rich

    Nothing wrong with her at all!

  • Durdy Burdy

    I’m down!

  • fanofgiyp

    Sorry to disagree with most of you, but um, eeeewwwwww.

  • Maestro716


  • Adam

    If the gut sticks out more than or equal to the boobs, FAIL.

    LOL, nice granny panties though!

  • viz

    if you have nothing nice to say…

    yeah, I have nothing nice to say


    Oh baby baby I’m loving this all over the place!

  • conner

    SWEET! Hey, Hottie! Wanna wrastle?!?!

  • http://devon.Lakers2416/Facebook.com Devon2416

    ewww more like a land mine!!!!

  • Sean B

    Now that’s a woman! More like this please, and fewer twigs.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    TO THE SUNofABitch That Asked for this… (waves FIST)

  • ollie

    I like the panty lines.

  • Vuarra

    I was in a panty line mood all day… so this is fine. She has a fine ass, not a fan of the belly, but I would think she’d not be a fan of mine, so we’re even.

  • beau nerr

    i love this, good work


    Can we please make a big girl only section? YUM

  • Ass-and-you-shall-receive

    What a complete waste of bandwidth and electricity.

    There’s a minute I will never get back.

    All of us are dumber for witnessing this.

    Yeah, not all women have to be skinny as a twig but please no big-as-a-trunks! That’s another fetish site. Better to bring YP to Chubbies.com then ruin GIYP by posting so-unamazing-and-average Chicks. What’s next? Grannies? Trannies? Guys in Yoga Pants cause one sick perv wants to see it? Stick to aat least the grade of chick I’m screwin’, if not better, cause I come here to see NICE ASS and clam, not just ANY ASS and clam. Last time I checked incarcerated individuals don’t have internet access so anybody reading this has a window they could look out of and within minutes better bodies than this will easily float on by.
    And not being a hypocrite. Yeah I got a gut. No pics on fetish sites, especially those that aren’t meant for guys with guts.

  • GLEN

    I agree ya’ll need to start an big girl section to these yoga pants, it looks good to me, the only people that don’t like this either are fat themselves or wife looks like this….

  • Ass-and-you-shall-receive

    May be onto something, Glen. And a fat section may be in order.

    And indeed this site may be populated with pot-gut 30 or 40 sumthin’s,….


    In my humble opinion, Sir, were I to counter a generalization from a pot-gutted married 30-something to anonymous ‘you’….
    “The only guys who wanna see a chick with a profile like a 50- year-old Auntie so much as to fire up a computer, grab an IP and log onto GIYP must not have ANY shot at ANYTHING FEMALE AND BREATHING. I can’t run far, therefore I don’t enter marathons, etc. I see plenty of the good, bad and ugly in females every day-IN REAL LIFE!
    But, with that said, admire away.

  • ballsdeep

    file under: Fail

  • taz


  • http://www.askmen.com Akeem Alexander

    That Slimy Inappropriate Ass is going to be Fucked First in My Top 100 Billboard Fuck List!!! ;D

  • wideone

    i’d hit it !! love a woman with curves

  • Jadexx

    So, I like this :) And I have a body like this lovely lady so maybe I am partial, i like men and women; and all people have their own taste. and i agree,make a section for us ladies with a little extra skin and i would send pics in too….

  • Splinter76

    I love junk in the trunk, but a beer gut is gross.


    She is proportional……..I like her

  • krikir


  • anonymous

    She would be fine if she was proportional or a firm thick but she is not proportionate and not firm at all you can tell this is not genetics it’s laziness and that’s a no go.

  • http://AOL Sammy J.

    NO! NO! HELL TO DA NO!!!!!!

    This is totally unacceptable!


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