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That’s right, they’re kissing. Keep going for the enlarged shot!

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  • http://facebook dalejrfan

    Very nice now I want to see the video of what happens after that kiss

  • JP

    Now that’s what I call grabb’n some ass.

  • Xowner


  • Yoshi

    inb4 some faggots don’t like the picture because she’s not wearing plain yoga pants and her ass is actually nice and plump

  • mlody

    niceee asss

  • That Guy


  • Armando

    Ugly pants, nice ass

  • Raven

    Shes kissing another cute girl thats holding her ass … oh yea and that is a nice ass

  • Decorated OIF Vet

    Definitely ugly pants, but easily more than made up for between the AMAZING ass she’s got and the hot chick she’s kissing. Something about two chicks making out is just ridiculously sexy.

  • janee


  • briandaffy

    that is a ass to motorboat then to fuck like crazy!!!

  • jack

    To plump for me! Let’s see the other girls a$$!!!

  • TNA

    I love everything about this picture.


  • AK74

    I like junk, but that’s a bit too much.

  • StrokerAce

    I need to see a few more angles before I decide whether or not I like this ass.

    Preferably, those angles would feature both chicks in yoga pants, maybe both bent over, maybe 69ing each other, maybe…ummm…

    Oh hell, now it’s time to be a “stroker” again. ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Damn the pants is alright not much better without design but that ass & that girl on girl thing makes it up for that lol

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    every mans dream

  • Optimus Primal

    This chick’s ass is too big but at least she gets points for kissing another chick.

  • Giypblows me away

    Saddlebags. And her girlfriend really ain’t that cute.

  • El

    Need one more pic of her standing up!

  • rob

    Thats huge

  • RyanS

    Obviously had much better asses on the site, but anytime we have a GIYP kissing another girl, while that girl give her ass a squeeze, we have a WINNER!!!

  • Tom

    I would love to have my hand on the other cheek damn thats hot!!!!!

  • Tom

    Wood love to be sitting rt there

  • Dave

    I’d like to be hittin that ass from behind watching her make out with that other hot chick at the same time

  • David_G

    ewwwwww cottage cheese lumpy fat.

  • Superwolf

    As Kevin Hart dad says. ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT

  • Dysfunktional

    Janee, are you asking if we’re jealous because it looks like it could be you kissing the blond, or are you just saying your jealous?

  • MajorTrouble

    To those saying her ass is to big, you guys are idiots that have never had a woman with a nice plump ass. Gives you a little more to hold onto during the wild ride. Also very spankable. At David_G, just because she has a bigger ass, does not mean it is cottage cheese looking, I have seen lot of bigger sized asses that are as smooth as can be. So guys and girls, if you have not had a woman with a larger sized bottom, try one, you just might find you like it :)

  • London

    Are you kidding me? some of you really like that much ass?!~ u be sick

  • samXD

    holy shit id tap hat till the day was over fuck1

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