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The girl with the gravity defying booty that’s been blowing your mind for the last few months has finally decided to show her face. Although she doesn’t waste her life on social media, she does want her fans to know she appreciates them and I’m sure she would love to hear the same back in the comments. So make the jump for the high-res pics and let this amazing woman know how you feel in the comments below.




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  • Douche Nozzle

    Ximena finally shows her face? Too bad nobody is looking at her face – lol ;) :) :D :P

  • Muggy

    FAP FAP FAP. love it.

  • Corey

    what muggy said

  • George Costanza

    I want to slap that ass and make it jiggle.

  • tok

    With that Ass…

  • StrokerAce

    Ximena, you have a fabulous butt! You should be smiling. :D

  • Henri Poincare

    Can’t go wrong with Ximena.

  • Dr Booty Phd

    Ass of my dreams. The best ass in the world. I would love to rest my face between her cheeks and take up permanent residence in that O-ring.

  • Tgrahams

    the way its shaped, with hardly any hips? hmm i dunno guys..am i the only one who wonders if this ass is man-made

  • Tgrahams

    And for the record, if it is…that “man” did a remarkable job!

  • Ward Cleaver

    I would like to be Mr Ximena!

  • Richard Head

    Don’t care if it’s man made or not as long as I get to be the man to destroy it.

  • PuroRicochet

    ¡Ximena tienes el trasero mas hermoso que yo e visto! Por favor no pares de mandar fotos y videos a este sitio. Te amo.

  • HisDudeness

    Amazing. She was blessed for sure.

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