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God bless every single one of you, as I would have no motivation to go to the gym if it wasn’t for you.

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  • steve tasker

    i bet it smells delish

  • Ass Master

    Now THAT, is a nice hard ass.
    Attention all black men!! Please pay attention!!

    Look above.. That is a beautiful ass. Not some dimpled out bag of shit.

  • The Last Universalist

    Cut the racism, jerkface.

    I like the nice round shape of the booty on this woman. Not all flat with nothing to hold onto.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    I would let her cut the nastiest fart on my face

  • Ward Cleaver

    Hey, this is the pic I submitted. No need to thank me. Just a GIYP fan doing his civic duty.

  • paul

    i want some smoosh smoosh.

  • Yoga Guy

    Thanks Ward! I appreciate the fine hiney…that is my kinda gym chick.

  • joe

    those are butt cheeks

  • M.S. in Bootyology

    Eh not bad. But you can tell she’s ugly. Probably looks like a librarian.

  • jack

    Nice, about time GIYP finally submits some pics worth looking at!!! The last few posts have been nice!!! Tired of those fat cottage cheese thighs forcing on a pair of yoga pants that are 10 sizes to small and taking pics that shouldn’t be seen let alone submitting them on this site!!!

  • StrokerAce

    She’s probably in the neighborhood of 40, but working HARD to reclaim her youthful figure.

    Judging my that tight ass, I’d say she’s successful. :D

  • StrokerAce

    BY* that tight ass, that is. Damn it. All my blood is leaving my brain…again. ;)

  • George Costanza

    ATTENTION All colored people on GIYP look at this white ass NOT 1 dimple.. :) …. smile your on candid camera!!

  • wazzys

    She does fitness videos on youtube, body rock.

  • clore

    Now thats an ass that could crack a walnut. Yes! A nice break from the ghetto asses.

  • Yes

    Lol @ Ass Master at the end of the day its what ever gets your dick hard right?

  • Fuckassmaster

    Fuck ass master

  • Laurence

    lisa-marie zbozen

  • Brad

    Not the body rock girl on youtube

  • Brad

    Thought wazzys meant Zuzana. Yeah it might be the new girl.

  • SACMan

    That’s Lisa-Marie…BodyRockTV host.

  • SACMan

    That’s Lisa-Marie…BodyRockTV host.

  • akakooni

    Want to cum on those ass cheeks

  • horace

    Ahh this is Lisa Marie of BodyRockTV.com She gets sweaty a lot. Nice fit lady.

  • robert allen

    I love these kind of women!!! In shape and still have THE BOOTY!!! Damn right all night long!!!

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