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SIX of them! Christmas in March, I’m guessing we have global warming to thank for this? — Want to score hot babes like the ones above? You’ll need a GirlsInYogaPants.com t-shirt to go with that winning personality and glowing smile, so head on over to our online store now! The $17 dollar shirt sale ends tonight at 11:59PM EST, so be sure to pick one up today to save money! High res shot of these beauties, after the jump!


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  • GIYP192

    NB, but yoga pants are so much better.

  • Yoga Guy

    I just wanna ask: “small booty”? WTF? None of those fine hineys is “small” – they are all very nice and at least average size. I know there are some ginormous steatopygynous asses that get posted here – and some guys do love that – but just because a girl’s ass isn’t so big you can set your beer on top of it like a ledge, does not mean she is “small booty”. L->R, I’ll take #1 & #4 as the best. Thanks!



  • StrokerAce

    I’ll take 1-6 for each day of the week, and then all of them on Sundays. ;)

  • AssMane

    YOu got some of their asses on some tees???

  • http://the-spearhead.com odepahs

    6 n 1 ;)

  • Me

    umm… no 2 first. need a bag for the rest

  • cazr23

    Evry day each one all fck they have nice ass i love it babys


  • deemo

    Both of my heads just exploded.

  • Thomas

    The title for this photo should be reading “Ladyboys in Yoga Pants” (LYP).

  • Thomas

    From the looks of it, the title should be reading “Ladyboys In Yoga Pants”.

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