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“This is a photo of an Air Force Contractor working with us in Afghanistan. We check out the Girlsinyogapants website daily, for “Morale” purposes only of course. We finally convinced her to submit her wonderful behind for the world to see. This is dedicated to all of my fellow Airmen and civilians that are currently making a sacrifice to support Operation Enduring Freedom. And we all would like to thank GIYP for keeping our spirits high. God Bless America!!!” -SrA Leggette

High res shot after the jump!

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22 Comments Amateur  //  Big booty
  • StrokerAce

    If I couldn’t fly high with the Air Force, then I’d like to be her navel aviator. ;)

  • loki

    monkey butt

  • George Costanza

    LOki is my new friend :)

    As for this butt I bet those air force men ran a train in her ass!!!!

  • Ch’booie

    Nice big ass!

  • Ch’booie

    Her fake tits are gross.

  • Ch’booie

    Whoops, I meat that last comment to go under the pic of the chick with the gross fake tits.


    Nice big butt! Must drive everyone nuts over there.

  • ken

    God Bless our Troops!

  • Damion

    God Bless America with dat ass!

  • maestro716

    @ Loki is a bigot by a keyboard. Let me guess. Monkey because she’s black, right? You’re sooooo clever!!

  • eddie45

    Chimp ass or Gorilla ass works too…..

  • D?????

    WOW what a nice ass i bet those guys go crazy when she walks in the room

  • Georgie

    Gimme her address so I could send that fine ass a thong!

  • Purp

    Looks like I’m joining the air force

  • AssMane

    with the racist Comments keep that shit to yourself and grow up…
    as for that azz thats a bubble butt

  • Ch’booie

    That really is a mouthwatering ass that I keep coming back to look at.

  • xian

    Sloppy, what a waste of an upload.. where’s the one I sent in?

  • loki

    it’s not RACIST…. if it’s true

  • D?????

    aaaauuuuggghhh! this ass gets me so fired up if i fap to this pic anymore my dick will fall off

  • Randy

    I just raised my flagpole! Great ass in grey spandex!


    I’ll bet she’s raising more than morale, I’ll bet she’s raising dicks too!

  • D?????

    Damn I wanna fuck her. aaauuuggghh! “CUMS”

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