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A GirlsInYogaPants.com reader took this pic while he was out Christmas shopping and wants to know what the hell it is.


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  • ratatat

    looks like shit her pants and likes it

  • cjbones

    Looks like a horse eatin’ a ham sammich

  • Michele Bachmann

    it’s an efn maxi pad LMAO

  • Ekko

    Maxipad and a thong. Classic.

  • Kevin

    I think she dumped before she left the house/in the public restroom… then put a was of toilet paper so it wouldnt get on her thong/pants. I believe this could be the case because of what Big did that one time after he ate a lot of wings (Rob & Big). This explanation is equally as disgusting as a pad of sorts.

  • bunytou

    It’s probably just a big tag inside the pats. Por planning from the maker and lack of attention from the woman

  • mlody


  • Kid Salami

    I think EKKO got it right,that’s hilarious.Poor girl someone should have told her they were see thru.

  • jack

    That’s nasty!!!

  • http://yogawithkalidasa.com Kalidasa

    That’s just WRONG!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    i don’t really want to know lol

  • CrackMan

    Menstrual cycle…you’re doin’ it wrong!

  • http://www.yahoo.com McLovin

    i’d tap that

  • anom9999

    thin leggings, thong, and Maxipad or tag of said leggings

  • G$

    Her dude probably busted his load up in her before she went shopping. The napkin is there in case the nut drips out and gets past her thong.

  • dr assman

    WTF kind of xmas present is this? I expected something special and juicy this morning and instead you gave me the equivalent of a stocking filled with poop. GROSS.

  • George Costanza


  • http://Giyp Numb chuckz

    It’s a manpon.

  • bobby

    i can’t tell if she’s comin’ or she’s goin’!

  • bootyluvr

    I agree with dr assman, what kind of penis shriveling shit is this for christmas??

  • jaime

    At least the comments to this are entertaining… im loving the answers :D

  • jaime

    well to be a maxi pad we would see the part of the thong that goes up her ass… but we dont pads arent effective on the outside of the underwear.. the line we see on her ass is the seam of the pants… Im gonna go with toilet paper its to mishapen to be anything else

  • StrokerAce

    I’m sure she found out about this that day.

    But I’d still hit it, preferably after she’s done with the cycle.

  • Holly

    It could be her pad. Dumb asses

  • sarah

    I guess someone actually uses thong pads. I was wrong.

  • http://letter-of-recommendation.net letter of recommendation


  • mau

    Take this off. This just makes people sad, no one comes here to be sad. :(

  • Diw

    Dryer sheet

  • Flubber

    If you don’t recognize a pad when you see one, you’re not old enough to be on this site.

  • Jore

    I’m surprised noone figured that the flash of the camera made the pants see through, regular stuff, girl got her maxipad on, probably wasn’t expecting a photoshoot lol :))

  • terri

    and if you cant see toillet paper when you see it your just a dumbass with a big mouth

  • Ashley

    Its toilet paper in her thong she didnt use a maxi pad its freakin toilet paper!

  • Morgan

    That’s not toilet paper.. it’s a pad with wings… they fold down around your underwear to help keep it on. You all are so stupid.

  • archibald whitacker

    That….my friends is what’s known around here as a “mouse mattress.”

  • CeeDee

    It’s tp as a field expedient panty liner….must be a Green Beret……

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