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Whoever thought of starting Mardi Gras on Titty Tuesday is a very smart person. Almost as smart as this woman, who knows not every guy is a boob guy and brought her booty in yoga pants to the party. Like what you see? We’ll be posting the uncensored shot on our Tumblr, but for now, check out the enlarged pic available after the jump!


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  • The Last Universalist

    Twig, but she’s got a decent chest. Not horrible.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Russelthelovemuscle

    Why is this censored??

  • Billy Bob

    Yea a lot rough around the face and not a big fan of seeing that much of the rib cage. Nice tan body, nice handful sized tits and a decent ass. I give her a 6 on my crank-o-meter.

  • DougieLittleHand

    Mardi Gras is the best

  • luke

    What the hell is on her lip! Gross. You’d think before she bought the boobs she would have fixed that huge growth.

  • mordred


    yeah i’m hardly first because i can’t get a virgin

    i would love to feel those titties, then suck em, then bound em, then whip wit a cat o’ nine-tails :). she should’ve taken her pants off too so she can get extra beads! would also love to be her roomate XD just to “help” her in all the areas of life (minus the toilet since i am not that disgusting first bastard) >.>

  • mordred

    @luke: that’s probably due to the crappy quality

  • StrokerAce

    I’d like to do a touch test to see how real her firm titties are. It may take a number of attempts. ;)

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Haha look at Faggy Bob using his other username to try to be a copycat. Sad.

    To more important things…

    Nice tight petite firm slim bubbly attention whore with a pink asshole.

    Slutty ass bitch. She loves showing off and have us jerk off our tiny dicks to her.

    Guys don’t mind my disciple Faggy Bob on this one. He has a fat aging saggy disgusting wrinkly old wife and he’s passing judgment first on the one before saying she has a gut … now this one is too skinny. But then he goes home and can’t get a hard on with his tiny dick because of the whale he’s going home to.

    He’s still one of my most beloved disciples though… although a little too much of a fag… he’s always welcome.

    As your unofficial GIYP Quality Control Director, I give this my sweet tiny attention whore mushroom stamp of:


  • Billy Bob

    @first Hey FUCK stain. Mordred and I are different people. You are the only dumbass that has multiple names here. I am in no way your “disciple”, nobody here is. Nobody here needs your approval or blessings to do anything. We all wish you could just grow up and comment on the girls only.

  • sybrrrr

    Hey First! Your first after me bitch ! Why are you such an assclown? Guess your really just a attention whore who needs a rise from us posters to get his self admitted ” little dick” semi hard. Get your own website and have a party asshole!

  • mordred

    see first, we all hate you…….you just don’t like it when people say the truth. the truth is that you can never be first nowadays because there’s hardly any virgins older then 16 so only way you can be first is on the internet with people who are maybe better then you in the areas that you have failed (i for one have done what you claim to have done) also you might have first and quick confused: first – before anything else and quick – (in this case) sex with women is over before it begun. i hope i helped you with understanding the difference of first and quick, you fat sack of shtako

    @sybrrrr: two things: 1) awesome name XD and 2) lol i won’t attack you since your better then “first”

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