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Could it be? Girls REALLY doing yoga in yoga pants? Of course not! This is a porn shoot from MOFO’s – check out the high res shot, after the jump!

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  • Ass Master


  • Ass Master

    Now that I’m first, which is so important, I will comment.
    I’m happy that these two whores are waiting for me to fuck them doggy style. Unfortunately I’ll have to wrap it up. Judging by their jailhouse tats, these are some NASTY ho’s!

  • paul

    doggy style for sure and they can be as nasty as they want to be with me

  • Carnage

    Considering there’s nobody else in the class, and the matching/opposing outfits, they obviously posed that way. (not that that’s a BAD thing.)

    I don’t think they are doing yoga so much as looking for a lost earring.

    Oh, and i’d take the brunette on the right, and not the brunette on the left that bleached her hair so blonde it’s almost white.


    the perfect pose for a double-ended dildo!

  • Buttly

    Ass to Ass! Ass to Ass!!!

  • ass cannon

    I’d sit right between them and act like I was watching a tennis match with my tongue out

  • StrokerAce

    LORCO and I think alike! ;)

  • jimmy

    This is part of a porn scene on pornhub

  • Bob

    I agree with the double ended dildo, but before that stuff each of their asses with moldy cheesecake first, only to eat out later. Then penetrate their asses with maximum capacity.

  • http://facebook tom

    this is a video from mofos, its good stuff

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • Ch’booie

    Trashy skanks. Bony trashy skanks at that.

  • brick

    the things girls do, when they have no tits

  • Cazr

    Dam i wanna fck those to white chicks i will creampie both..

  • buttman

    only thing missing is my face in the middle

  • Bootyologist

    I prefer fresh meat.

  • yosup

    the one on the left. ohmygod.

  • Damn

    “What’s next?” “Ass to ass”

  • Jusnotrite

    Yeah it’s porn…the chick on the left is crazy hott…

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